An asteroid that equates to 36 bombs that Hiroshima approaches Earth this Friday


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Measuring between 91 and 200 meters wide, a huge asteroid will graze our planet this Friday, according to NASA. As the Daily Express indicates, if this celestial body were to hit the Earth, its potential explosive strength would be 36 times that of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima.

Called "2019 DN", a huge asteroid will approach the Earth this Friday, March 8 at 13 lunar distances, according to NASA. The threat of collision with our planet is excluded. According to the calculations of the space agency, the celestial body has a chance on 30 million to hit it.

According to NASA data, the asteroid "2019 DN" has a width between 91 and 200 meters.
As The Daily Express points out, its potential explosive strength would be 36 times more powerful than that of Hiroshima's atomic bomb.

Another rocky body, the CD9 2019, which measures about 230 m, will pass close to the Earth on 20 March.

But, again, it is not close enough to bet that it would bring an apocalyptic ending to life on Earth.



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