An Eevee and 8 Evolutions in a Sensational Pokemon Lenticular Poster

Each new saga of Pokémon brings us new species, and sometimes, evolutions of existing ones. Although some are all the rage among the most loyal followers, the most anticipated are always those of Eevee. This little normal type fox it began in the first generation with three evolutions, by means of stone; fire, electricity and water.

Eevee has always been an icon for the franchise, after Pokémon, and its expected evolutions take on great importance with each new installment. They usually arrive in even generations, And so far Eevee has 8 types of evolution, today we can show you all in this sensational lenticular poster:

«The Eevee Bunch» 3D Fan Artwork … took over 85 hours to draw, layer and print / produce! from r/pokemon

Wizyakuza, is the Reddit user who has shared this lenticular work. At a first glance we can only see Eevee, with different backgrounds, repeated 9 times. However, when you reposition the poster, the 8 evolutions of Eevee appear.

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