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Protests in front of the Saudi embassy in Washington after the death of Jamal Khashoggi. In video, summary of preliminary conclusions of the survey. AP

The connection of Israel with the Khashoggi case emerges with new judicial revelations. A Saudi activist exiled in Canada, Omar Abdulaziz, filed a lawsuit this Sunday before a court in Tel Aviv against the Israeli computer security company NSO, which sells to the government agencies the Pegasus program, which steals information from mobile and computer users. As reported by the daily Monday Haaretz, Abdulaziz, a friend and confidant of the murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi, has reported through a lawyer in Jerusalem that the NSO has facilitated the the malware Pegasus to "oppressive regimes that violate international law". It also guarantees that the software Espionage was used to intercept more than 400 messages via WhatsApp both exchanged between October 2017 and August of this year, two months before Khashoggi was assassinated at his country's consulate in Istanbul on 2 October.

Khashoghi: "The arrests are unjustified and do not serve them (logic says), but tyranny has no logic. [a MBS] the strength, the oppression and you have to show them. It's like a pacman beast: the more a victim eats, the more he wants. I will not be surprised if oppression also reaches those who cheer him. God knows. "

Abdulaziz: "Incredible, is there any chance that when clemency monsters are crowned?"

Khashoghi: This is what logic says, but I no longer trust it to analyze the mind of this man [MBS].

Another similar cause has already been presented in Israel against the same security company by activists in Mexico, whose government would use the Pegasus system to spy at least 88 critical journalists and human rights defenders. Experts from the University of Toronto found that Abdulaziz's phone had been hacked with the "military-level" espionage program created by NSO and followed a digital trail that took them to the Saudi government.

The exchange of messages shows that both were very critical of the policy of Mohamed bin Salman (MBS) and worked to remove it from power. For this reason they planned to create a digital movement – "the bees" – among young Saudis to counteract official propaganda on social networks through the Twitter profile of Khashoggi, which came to have more than 340,000 followers. Some of these messages on WhatsApp have been reproduced on the CNN channel website, which interviewed Abdulaziz when the case against NSO was filed.

Abdulaziz: I sent you a brief idea of ​​the work the digital army would do.

Khashoghi: Excellent document I will try to collect the money. We must do something. Sometimes I've been [ciber] attacked by them [los israelíes]. I hate tweeting.

The 27-year-old student with political asylum status in Canada since 2014 Omar Abdulaziz puts in a communication the mission of the "digital army". Jamal Khashoghi responded with satisfaction: "I will try to collect the money, we have to do something. [ciber]Attacked. "A few weeks later, the exile recognizes that its messages have been intercepted by Saudi espionage." Once heard of the bees, they were really worried and disturbed. They arrested many people and attacked many places. "" Do not tweet on Canada or the bees, "Khashoggi replied," otherwise I will go to jail ".

"[Bin Salmán] it's like a pac-man beast [comecocos]The more victims you eat, the more you want. I will not be surprised if oppression will reach those who cheer him up, "the dissident journalist wrote to his Canadian contact:" Is there any chance that when he is crowned he will show clemency? "The young Abulaziz asked." This is what he says. logic, "Khashoggi reflected aloud", but I no longer trust her to analyze the mind of this man. "The exiled Saudi was visited by Riyadh envoys in Canada who invited him to return to his country, where they wanted to receive large sums of money, before having to go through the Saudi embassy in Ottawa to resolve the latest procedures .

Abdulaziz : Once heard of the "bees", the officials were really worried and disturbed. They arrested many people and attacked many places. I took the worst part to take care of the group and the communication. I'm glad you're abroad and safe.

Khashoghi: How did you know about the "bees"?

Abdulaziz: I started to create groups, to work and I'm sure I left some margin. Tens of thousands of people had to be involved in this. Imagine that my brother told me: "Omar, do not tweet anything on Canada, or on the" bees. "Otherwise I will go to jail.

Khashoghi: May God protect you, you are in Canada, which is the sanctuary for the injured people. May God protect you from all stupidity of Ghedifis or Gaddafi (Gaddafi as an adjective). Do not discuss the topic of "api" or Instagram.

The computer security company NSO operates under license from the Israeli Defense Ministry and relies on the authorization of its government to sell its products to official agencies in other countries. "We do not tolerate the illegal use of our products," said the Israeli company in a statement, "if there are suspicions, we investigate them and take appropriate measures." Amnesty International (AI) requested on November 28th to revoke its export permit to help Saudi Arabia spy on a humanitarian NGO representative. AI believes that Israel's approval of the activities of the controversial information security society is "to cooperate with violations of human rights".

the software Infects smart mobile phones through a virus that accesses all information via remote control. Listening to calls, reading messages, tracking history on the Internet … everything is feasible, even by working through the camera and the terminal microphone. Omar Abdulaziz arrived through a message to follow the delivery of a package. The IT security specialist Jaime Blasco, quoted by EL PAÍS in 2017, admitted during a spy investigation through the Pegasus program in Mexico that once the program has infiltrated the mobile phone there are no more secure applications, even if they are encrypted: "The attacker You have access to everything, no matter if you use WhatsApp or Telegram."

Abdulaziz: I wish you only good health, a greeting and all right.

Khashoghi: I hope you're okay, Omar. May God listen to you and free us and the nation from this problem [MBS].

The Citizen Lab of the University of Toronto concluded that the innocent online traceability message of a package was released by the Saudi secret services, according to the text of the lawsuit filed by Jerusalem lawyer Alaa Mahajna, formerly adviser to the NGO Adalah, the legal aid center for the Arab minority in Israel, which brings together one fifth of the country's population.

A recent survey by Newspaper Haaretz has revealed that Saudi Arabia has paid 55 million dollars (48.5 million euros) to detect the the malware Pegaso. The United Arab Emirates have also used it to spy on opponents and dissidents. "We do not have the Parliament, we only have Twitter", Abdulaziz complains in one of the messages sent to Khashoggi by CNN. "This is the tool that [el régimen] used to spread false rumors. We have been attacked and threatened many times and we must respond ".



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