An explosive cyclogenesis with rain, wind and waves will mark All Saints’ Day

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A explosive cyclogenesis which will leave rain, wind, and stormy weather on the coasts, with normal temperatures or even somewhat lower than normal for the season will mark All Saints’ Day this Wednesday, as reported by the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET), which predicts adverse and “completely autumnal” weather this week.

The AEMET spokesperson, Ruben del Campohas indicated that this week will be marked by the continuous arrival of Atlantic storms and with them their associated fronts, which will leave rain, snow in mountain areas, intense winds and poor sea conditions, with cool temperatures for the season except on the shores of the Mediterranean.

Precisely, one of the storms to which Del Campo warns that “we will have to pay special attention” will be Ciaran, a name of Gaelic origin given by the British Meteorological Service. The storm will undergo a process of explosive cyclogenesismeaning that the atmospheric pressure in its center will drop more than 24 hectopascals in less than 24 hours.

As he explained, this means that the storm will be “very deep” and Starting on Wednesday, it will cause “very strong” winds, poor sea conditions and “intense” rain, with snow in the mountainous areas of much of the Peninsula. This storm will affect “even more intensely” the Atlantic coast of France and the British Isles.

Besides, Looking ahead to the weekend a new storm will arrive which will also leave rain and intense winds.

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