An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth! Adriana Lima has avenged Gigi Hadid for Irina Shayk


The 38-year-old model does not intend to give way to "young people".

Adriana Lima – Irina Shayk's "sister" on the catwalk. The models are so similar that in a joint photo shoot for Vogue magazine, loyal fans can hardly discern who is who. Fashion experts define Lima and Shake as "sisters" and the models themselves are inseparable friends. The former "angel" Victoria's Secret has repeatedly occupied the first bars in the rankings of the most beautiful women on the planet. The influential Lima does not stand aside when you see that her friend Irina has "leaked" from the influential sisters Hadid and Naomi Campbell.

After leaving Victoria's Secret, Adriana Lima went into the shade for two years and there were no voices or spirits on the model. When Shake began to "merge", the model became more active and hit old Hadid in a sore spot. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth: Lima has intentionally stolen Gigi's makeup artist Patrick Ta, with whom half of Hollywood wants to work. The make-up artist made Hadid's trick for Halloween, and that's where the work with Gigi ended.

The makeup artist's page speaks for itself. Patrick "promotes" Adrian Limu, puts the photos with the model and does the "bomb" trick when the makeup for Gigi has been ridiculed on the net. A friend of the Russian woman got the recognition again and showed "who is the boss". The network suggests that Adriana Lima avenged Gigi Hadid for Shayk, because the young rival of former lover Bradley Cooper "pushed" Irina on all fronts. It all started because of Chanel's banal show, where, according to insiders, the Russian woman was not invited because of Hadid's tough position.

"Sisters" has eliminated Gigi together in the beauty segment, and now it's up to another rival: Naomi Campbell. But the "Black Panther" cannot even be expelled from the catwalk with rags.



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