An eye for an eye, bit by bit


AAttention, here comes food for the phreship pig: The mills of justice sometimes grind awfully slowly. If you think about the processing of the diesel scandal of Volkswagen in this sentence, but is wrong. He finally flew up just four years ago. No, this is about this Summer fairy tale from 2006, the resurrection of German football, so to speak. Shortly before the expiry of the limitation period, the Swiss Federal Prosecutor's Office has now yet Charged against the two former presidents of the German Football Association, Theo Zwanziger and Wolfgang Niersbach, as well as against other officials. The charge is on malicious deception and fraud, The whole thing has at least one Geschmäckle, comments Reinhard Müller this “dark side” of the summer fairy tale.

Sven Astheimer

Sven Astheimer

Responsible editor for corporate reporting.

Donald Trump will not like that. After all, the American president has chosen Chinese network outfitter Huawei to be the symbol of evil, and the oaths of his Western allies are swirling: Who plans to expand the important ones? 5G networks in the hand from the Far East, and who follows Trump in its rejection. But now Arne Schönbohm, the president of the Federal Office for Information Security in the F.A.Z. interview, says that it does not matter whether a component is made China come or not. The topic industrial espionage is controllable, the finds Cyber ​​fighters, However, Germany also had to learn to hacker attacks to react from abroad with counterattacks – eye for eye, bit by bit. That should please Mr. President rather. Speaking of western democracies: Udo Di Fabio has made his thoughts on the deep division between long-standing partners and the transformation of societies. The Essay of the Judge of the Federal Constitutional Court a.D. is available here as a podcast.

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German climate Action On the other hand, the strong man in the White House should be largely suspect. As Julia Löhr reports, the Ökolobby namely now on one new goal shot down: the German farm animal. More than 26 million pigs and 177 million chickens in this country are simply too much for the climate, ranting its self-proclaimed savior. Because not only their exhaust gases produced during digestion are harmful, but also the manure applied to the fields. Therefore, the number of animals to the cultivated area be coupled. It's just stupid that people, despite the hype about vegan burgers, do not seem to care a lot about the demands of eco-fundis: the Germans like to eat meat – 60 kilograms per capita per year. Well, then: good appetite!

And otherwise? In Lausanne, the climate summit “Smile for Future” is running with the star of the eco-scene Greta Thunberg, while in Geneva the climate council is coming together. In Paris, the verdict is pronounced against a young woman scheduled to launch an attack on behalf of the Islamic State Jihadist militia, and Hong Kong continues the protests with a silent march of lawyers for the independence of the judiciary.

The night in short:

The Disney shares are well below expectations. Nevertheless, the Californian media company ambitious future plans: It would like with one own streaming service Netflix competition.

Washington Defense Minister Mark Esper has announced that it intends to prevent a Turkish military offensive in northern Syria in any case. Has repeated President Erdogan with a military intervention in the Kurdish areas of northern Syria threatened.

North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un has called its Tuesday's missile test a “reasonable warning” to South Korea and the United States. The regime feels that it is currently in South Korea military exercises threatened.

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