An important meeting of yellow jackets expected at Bourges –


On the eve of Act IX of the movement, the city of Bourges is preparing to host the first national gathering of the movement in the province.

The uncertain scope of this unprecedented event disarms public authorities.

Taking the opposite, "yellow vests" called for a national demonstration in Bourges on Saturday 12 January. I look for " a city a little known forces of order to prevent rising tension "Priscillia Ludosky and Maxime Nicolle, two figures of the" France angry "movement, wanted to find a central point on the map of France to" allow everyone to be at the same distance from big cities. This will be, on Saturday 12 January, the capital of Cher.

Yellow jackets, the ideological universe of Éric Drouet and Maxime Nicolle "Fly Rider"

An "answer to the wishes of the President of the Republic"

The idea emerged at the end of December on social networks with a catchy slogan: " no class struggle, all among the bourgeois " that met immediate success on the Web. The "yellow jackets" expect to bring together many people. On the Facebook page of "Angry France", 2,453 people from all over France – Grenoble, Clermont-Ferrand, Vendée, Jura and even Ile-de-France – declare their intention to participate in the event. event and more than 12,000 say they are "interested".

On social networks, carpool proposals are multiplying, while locally, "yellow gilets" refine their organization. On Saturday morning, the groups will be present at every entrance to the city to inform and guide the demonstrators in the place Séraucourt, where the two leaders of the movement will speak in the early afternoon "In response to the wishes of the President of the Republic".

Yellow jackets, six members of the extreme right judged for violence

However, the organization of this first national gathering of "yellow jackets" in the province is not without confusion. "Noting the organization of an undeclared event, therefore unauthorized and illegal" prefecture Cher first reacted on Twitter in a message dated January 9, warning against " a dangerous crowd, (which) presents risks to the safety of participants and organizers. " On their side, the initiators of this event ensure that the prefecture was "Essays and agreement". This morning, state services were waiting for the declaration to be formalized.

Fear of a Saturday of violence

Anticipating a bigger rally than the previous Saturday, the prefect of Cher Catherine Ferrier has already taken " preventive measures ». Reinforcements of mobile forces were requested. A crisis cell will be activated early in the morning. Pascal Blanc, the mayor of Bourges, who manifests his " worry about an unknown situation ", has made agreements, closing all public buildings – city halls, libraries, museums – underground car parks, securing construction sites and dismantling urban furniture like parking meters.

Since the start of the movement of "yellow jackets", the city of Bourges has been the scene of peaceful demonstrations involving between 300 and 400 people. But the change in scale of this mobilization and the prospect of welcoming several thousand people worry the authorities: " As we know, the more people there are, the more the risks of overflowing exist ", fears construction. " Last night I met "yellow jackets" in the city who told me they were afraid of being overwhelmed by the event.

Above all because the architectural configuration of the heart of the city, made up of steep streets, " it can complicate things. " Many companies have already announced that they would lower their curtain, following the mayor's advice: " Everyone to take responsibility. I already had the opportunity to say that if I were a shopkeeper, I would close the shop on Saturday. However, we must expect to see the city center deserted by customers.

Xavier Renard


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