An ‘influencer’ arrested for abusing a sleeping friend and uploading the videos to her account of 45,000 followers

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The Civil Guard has arrested in Roquetas de Mar (Almería) to a tiktoker from Almeria, known on social networks as La Maeb, for sexually abuse of a friend while she was sleeping at the house of the influencer. the Maeb, besides, there would berecorded a video of a sexual nature without the consent of the young woman and then uploaded the images of the attack to her TikTok profile, which has more than 45,000 followers.

To the influencer, Arrested as the author of the events, she is charged with the crimes of sexual assault, disclosure of a secret, and threats. The proceedings initiated have been sent to the Dean’s Office of the Courts of the judicial district of Roquetas de Mar, which is in charge of the case.

In the videos published on networks, the detainee is seen while kiss and touch to her friend when she was still asleep. It was the victim herself who denounced the events at the Civil Guard premises upon her return to the province of Guadalajara and from the Castilian manchegan office the agents of the Armed Institute in Roquetas de Mar, the town where the victim currently resides, were alerted. alleged perpetrator of the assault.

The victim told the Civil Guard in her statement that she had stayed to sleep at the home of an acquaintance in this tourist city on the Almería coast and that when she woke up, she had realized that the tiktoker he was touching her without her consent, for which she assured the agents, fled quickly from the place.

The investigators, alerted by the victim herself, were able to verify that while the young woman was sleeping, they had recorded her receiving kisses and touching without her knowing anything or consenting to it. Then the influencer de Roquetas posted on his profile on this well-known social network one of the videos in which he kissed the girl and another, with sexual touching, a private group on another social network.

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