An influencer on the border of the three-hour marathon: "Four years ago I didn’t run at all"

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An influencer is doing a sports challenge. What a surprise, you see. In every marathon, in every cycle tour and in every Ironman there is already someone recording themselves with a GoPro to later publish a video for YouTube, a reel or a TikTok short about the experience. An influencer is doing a sports challenge. What’s new? That Estefanía Unzu He does not present himself on networks as a runner, cyclist or triathlete, who in his challenge is leaving admirable marks for anyone popular and who does not do it as part of an advertising campaign. Estefanía Unzu, better known as Verdelissis doing a sporting challenge and with surprising success, without seeing a euro for it, it is changing his life: 12 marathons in 12 months.

The last one, the sixth on the list, was on September 24 in Berlin, in 03:05:28, a remarkable time, and the next one, the seventh, will be in Cape Town next Sunday. Until confinement he did not run and now he is at the long-awaited border of three hours.

Unzu is part of the first generation of influencers in Spain, those who opened a YouTube channel in 2006 or 2007 and began to create communities of followers without wanting to, without the intention of doing business. Nursing assistant in Madrid, “with no knowledge in marketing or audiovisuals”, as he admits, he started talking about motherhood and parenting – he has eight children – and later, much later, the influencer boom arrived. In 2015, a supermarket chain wrote to her asking her to do an advertisement and, shortly after, she left her job, returned to Pamplona, ​​managed her own business with her husband and even set up a cosmetics line. Green Cornerss.

Today, with 2.12 million followers on YouTube, 1.4 million on Instagram and a stint on Big Brother VIP, he can afford to choose which campaigns to participate in and, for example, the luxury of traveling the world – for now. , Vienna, Ottawa, Stockholm, San Francisco, Queensland and Berlin – running marathons without having to answer to a sponsor.

In the Unzu challenge, the most complicated thing, of course, is recovery. With her father’s advice for strength sessions, but without a permanent coach, the influencer manages the breaks before and after each marathon in a natural way. «Two or three days before a marathon I stop training and then, when I see that I feel better, I run again. I don’t follow a plan, a program, I go more or less fast depending on how I feel that day,” explains Verdeliss, all energy, who accumulates many days on the treadmill. An influencer is doing a sports challenge, yes, but what influencer, what challenge and at what pace.

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