An inspector from the Murcia City Council did not seal the nightclubs because the company stated that they were in the process of legalization

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An administrative tangle that no one checked, that was not followed up and that has ended with 13 deaths. The discos theater and the Fonda Milagros that burned early last Sunday were still open despite the sealing order issued by the Murcia City Council almost a year ago due to the entanglement in the Technical Service of Works and Activities, specifically in the Technical Inspection of Activities. The official in charge of carrying out the termination order issued by the Deputy Mayor for Urban Planning, the socialist Andrés Guerrero, contacted the company and prepared a report in which he stated that he was informed that they were in the “legalization process.” .

That document, advanced by The truth and confirmed by EL MUNDO, is part of the administrative file sent to the court, with no record of what happened after the inspector raised his conclusions. The certainty is that the closure order was not executed. As reported by the current head of Urban Planning, Antonio Navarro, and his predecessor, the Teatre nightclub, the only one that had a license to operate since 2008, was subject to a termination order signed by Andrés Guerrero as deputy mayor.

In a “internal communication” dated October 11, 2022informs the Activities Inspection that on January 10, 2022 “the commercial Teatre Murcia SL was ordered to cease the activity of the discotheque with kitchen” and recalls that “They must visit the Inspection” for, “in the event that it has not been executed voluntarily, proceed to forced execution by seal of the establishment”.

Ten days later, on October 21, the official responded to the internal communication informing that “once contacted the ownerdeclare and provide justification for the presentation of the technical documentation that they were missing for the processing of legalization”, collecting the data from the file that the company presented in the electronic office on October 19, 2022, “reporting on this for its appropriate purposes” .

Municipal sources cannot corroborate whether the inspector’s contact with the company was in person or by telephone, but they do say that the procedures should never have been mixed. That is, Teatre, and Fonda Milagros, had to be sealed to comply with the order regardless of the fact that the company had opened a new administrative route a year earlier to try to obtain permits. “They are two independent processes and the start of the second does not paralyze the execution of the closure”.

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