An investigation into the case of Jarosław Jakimowicz has started. The TVP star replies: “Comedy! Embarrassment!”

Jarosław Jakimowicz he is without a doubt one of the most controversial “celebrities” in the world of show business today. The well-known scandalist further strained his already dubious reputation when he made his debut on the publishing market in 2019 with an autobiography full of hideous fragments. In his “work”, for example, he described a thread like this years ago, the German mafia wanted to sell him a 12-year-old girl from Thailand. When a storm broke out in the network, Jarek denied his memories, hiding himself “literary fiction”.

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Thing Jakimowicza the prosecutor’s office became interested. As announced, the case was finally brought to court. This means that the celebrity will be forced explain to the investigators whether he actually participated in human trafficking. As one of the parties to the litigation claims, Jakimowicz is also to be held responsible for the violation of Art. 256 and 257 of the Criminal Code, i.e. assault on the grounds of xenophobia, racism or religious intolerance, and promotion of fascism or any other totalitarian regime. He is threatened with three years in prison.

As the prosecutor’s office available to the ruling party did not want to investigate him, we appealed to the court and won! Courageous judge Renata Kielak-Komorowska from the District Court for Warsaw Żoliborz sided with us and ordered the prosecution to investigate the acts committed by Jarosław Jakimowicz. In this situation, the prosecutor’s office had to initiate an investigation and it happened, we have just received a decision on this matter – reports OMZRiK on Facebook.

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The interested person himself decided to comment on the matter on Instagram. Publishing the headline of an article about himself asking if he would have to stand trial, a TVP employee replied:

Will not happen! – he assured. They are less credible than the gypsy and her fortune-telling. I was supposed to ignore it, but maybe at least one person’s eyes will open to what these bandits from Onet, WP, TVN or OMZRiK are capable of! They want to destroy me at all costs and they are destroying my family. There will be a time of accountability for the destruction of my family. These bandits made me a rapist, despite the fact that there is no such report and no prosecutor’s office is undergoing such an investigation. Failed to! They go on.

Anyone who keeps his eyes open can see what these judgments are, as the saying goes, their judgments. Exchange? The prosecutor’s office did not refer any Jakimowicz case to any court! There is nothing. These are old documents, and it is long after the application has been processed. There is no justice in this country !!! Kaczyński, Kurski, and Ziobro arranged it for him. Comedy! Embarrassment!

Do you believe in his assurances?


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