An irregular derby

If the derby had been played a month ago, he would have faced the first with the second of the League and the command would have been up for grabs at Cornellà. It happened that, in the three games played since Barça beat Vallecas and Espanyol beat Athletic, Barça only added four points out of the nine possible and blanc-i-blaus chained three defeats. But above all, the sensations were taken away.

Rubi's Spanish was a great revelation a month ago. This does not mean that it is no longer possible, but ultimately the feeling that the team has not only added points, but also fun and fun as has long been remembered. And Barça came out of a wonderful October, not only of results, but also of play, in which he was able to overcome the absence of Messi and, by the way, he had found in Arthur the cornerstone that was missing. For wounds, because of fatigue, because Arthur has nothing to do with Arturo Vidal; Whatever it is, but also that feeling of having found the course has vanished.

All in all, I fear that today's derby will not be very different from the last ones. It will be intense and competitive, like all those who played at Cornellà, but I would not make any illusions – as I would have done a month ago – on the show we can see. I hope I'm wrong, but I fear that the latest results can make Rubi doubt his convictions and bet on a more midfielder in battle, the boy Víctor Sánchez, at the expense of one of the two best interiors – Gardner the Granero-, which until so far they have been indisputable. And the absence of Sergio García, who might end up entering the call but which is difficult to maintain, leaves little room for offensive imagination beyond the state of grace of Borja Iglesias.

In Barça, Luis Suárez reappears but Arthur is still there, and it is a proven fact that without the Brazilian it is difficult to see an academic version of the team. We'll see if Valverde bets on the anarchy of Arturo Vidal or if he gives the gallons to Aleñá to balance the engine room a little more.

On the other hand, the departure of Espanyol by Gerard Moreno and Pau López, two of the last derby agitators, suggests a more peaceful duel. However, the white and blue expectation, not being a leader but to drop Barça from the first position, does not exclude that the tension increases. And here they will always find Piqué ready to return the wall.

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