An Israeli killed and more than a dozen wounded in several Palestinian attacks

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Israeli soldier Maksym Molchanov (20) has been killed and six other people have been injured in the run over intentional attack carried out this morning by a Palestinian in the Maccabim checkpoint near the city of Modiin in central Israel. Ten minutes and about 13 kilometers after he fled to return to the West Bank, the Palestinian attacker was haggard in a checkpoint nearby when trying to run over with his truck to vigilantes who were already on high alert after being informed of the attack. This is the fourth in less than 24 hours, aggravating a spiral that is encouraged and applauded by Islamic Jihad and Hamas.

“If we were afraid, we would not leave the house. You have to follow the routine and not give a prize to the terrorists,” an Israeli driver told EL MUNDO, resignedly waiting for the opening of the security control to get to work in Jerusalem. The wait did not last long on a busy highway that runs from the north of the Holy City to central Israel.

The author of the attack, Daud Abdelrazak Faiz, was 41 years old, lived in the village of Deir Amar (West Bank), with no criminal record and with a work permit in Israel, which allowed him freedom of access and movement. The vehicle, which he used to surprise and run over several off-duty soldiers on the shoulder killing Molchanov (who emigrated a few years ago from his native Ukraine where his family still lives) and seriously injuring another, had an Israeli license plate and was not his. Two Israelis who were in another car and a young Palestinian who sells food in that area were injured when He fled.

“We are not ready to accept terror as a decree of fate and bury our dead every few days due to cruel murderers. There is a great incitement of violence in the Palestinian Authority, in their study books. The highest priority of our Government is to defeat terrorism and restore the personal security of citizens,” said the Israeli Finance Minister, Bezalel Smotrishat the scene of the attack after being reminded of his electoral promises in this regard in view of the elections on November 1st. Local media highlight that the worst wave of attacks since the Second Intifada 20 years ago while the most right-wing coalition in Israel’s history governs, which came to power eight months ago waving the security flag against the previous government, which it had accused of “weakness” and “not fighting against terrorist groups “.

On Wednesday night, a 14-year-old Palestinian stabbed and wounded an Israeli youth at a light rail station near the Old City in Jerusalem. Coming from the Palestinian neighborhood of Beit Hanina in the eastern part of the city, the teenager carried out the attack while haggard by a Border Police agent who was traveling in said transport. Hours earlier, a Palestinian was wounded and detained after trying to run over several soldiers, one of them was wounded, at a surveillance post near the Beit Hagai colony, according to the military statement. From this settlement near Hebron was Israeli Batsheva Nagari, killed in a Palestinian gun attack nine days ago.

“The Army of the occupation and its settlers will continue to pay the price of the crimes of his government of radicals. The resistance will continue and increase until the attacks against our people and our Al Aqsa Mosque cease and until the occupation is driven from our lands,” he said. Hamas which controls the Gaza Strip. Like other militias, it has its main West Bank stronghold in Jenin and Nablus in the north of the territory occupied by Israel in the 1967 war.

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