An ISS chief caught a strange phenomenon over Europe (Photo)

The chief astronaut of the international base, Thomas Pesquet, captured a transient light event over Europe. | Photo: Twitter @Thom_astro

Space has always been a place that has disturbed all the minds of human beings. Visiting it, investigating it and seeing where we come from is humanity’s greatest concern and question, only a few are lucky enough to be able to reach outer space, a place from which many answers arise to what happens on our planet.

By Brand

From the European Space Agency (ESA, for its acronym in English) a phenomenon as strange as it is beautiful has been captured. Thomas Pesquet, commander of the International Space Station (ISS), shared on his social networks a phenomenon called ‘transient light events’ of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Pesquet himself explains that this photograph is useful to explain how and when certain events occur on our planet. “The fascinating thing about this lightning bolt is that only a few decades ago pilots had observed it anecdotally, scientists were not convinced that it really existed. Fast forward a few years and we can confirm that elves and sprites are very real and could also influence our climate – scientists weren’t convinced they really existed. If we move forward a few years, we can confirm that the elves and sprites are very real and could also influence our climate, “he says.

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