An official in the “Pentagon” talks about a spaceship close to Earth from which flying saucers will be launched…and defines its mission

translation exclusive : The head of the Office of Unknown Atmospheric Phenomena Research at the Pentagon, Dr. Sean Kirk-Patrick, said that there is a possibility that a spaceship is now located near the Earth, from which flying saucers will be launched to visit the planets in our solar system. According to “Military Times”.

He noted that the artificial interstellar object is likely to be a main vehicle that launches many small probes during its near-Earth pass, on missions not very different from NASA missions,” according to a research report co-authored by Abraham Loeb, chair of the Department of Astronomy. Harvard University.

And he continued: With the appropriate design, these small probes will reach Earth or other planets of the solar system for exploration, as the mother vehicle passes through a small part of the separation between the Earth and the sun. of sunlight for current survey telescopes to observe.”

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