An opinion about compulsory military service, which did not leave many indifferent

The news that from 2023 the Ministry of Defense is proposing to gradually introduce a mandatory State Defense Service in Latvia over a period of 5 years, it seems, did not leave anyone indifferent. The social network is still fighting over this topic. Rihard’s opinion, which he published on Facebook, has become especially popular.

“The people can’t calm down about the planned, compulsory military service… I really didn’t want to say anything on this topic, because I knew that the voice of reason, caught in the crossfire between dystrophic hipsters-refreshers and the Kremlin’s cotton wool on one side, and “hooray for patriots” on the other, would not be heard at all , not understood, as long as you will get a dung cold from both… But, well, it’s not the first time.

So what do I think about all this nonsense. The short version – it’s a utopian idea right now.

First of all, there are quite a lot of people disloyal to the state in Latvia. Count the “celebrators” of May 9 – they are several tens of thousands! To single out automatons for this varz would be stupidity, in the most general degree. Pabriks, of course, is stupid, but he is not abnormal, so he understands this perfectly, and promises that there will be “selection negotiations”… But such negotiations, already at the root, write off the obligation of service to zero:

“Are you loyal to the country of Latvia and ready to defend it?”


“Unfit for service. Next one!”

In such a situation, the service becomes mandatory only “on paper”, in reality only those who will apply for it will be motivated, so – voluntarily.

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Secondly. What are we planning to defend against? Against Russia? It’s not even funny. I understand that many are inspired by the heroism of Ukrainians, but one should not lose touch with reality.

The Ukrainian armed forces are no laughing matter, they are the second largest army in Europe (after Russia), and they had (have?) more tanks than Germany, France and Great Britain combined! Don’t believe me? Ask Rajev! He expressed the same thesis on the live air. To think that Latvia would be able to repeat the feats of Ukrainians is like hoping that an elementary school student will beat a professional boxer in the ring. In theory, anything can happen, but…

Thirdly. Who will these conscripts be? Have you observed today’s twenty-somethings? Let them forgive me, but, with rare exceptions, it is cannon fodder, not defenders of the motherland! Before starting to fantasize about compulsory military service, it would be good to organize sports programs in schools. 20 years ago, when girls longed for their boyfriend, they used to wear their boyfriend’s clothes. Now it doesn’t anymore. Because boys are thinner than girls, and they don’t fit in these clothes!

Fourthly. Okay, let’s assume that you manage to recruit and train everyone, age-appropriate. A military conflict begins. Are NBS capable of providing the whole bunch, even with boots, not to mention cartridges? Maybe he can, but I don’t believe him. That it doesn’t work, like the Red Army against the Nazis – one rifle for three, and, forward, for the motherland!

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Fifth. Isn’t it a little too late? If the country wanted militarily trained citizens, it should not have abolished compulsory military service 20 years ago! A whole generation has grown up who have no idea what barracks regime and discipline are. To hope that it will be possible to re-educate a person at the age of +/- 30 seems naive and not very smart.

Summarized. The idea of ​​compulsory military service may not be bad at all, but it cannot be implemented at a “shock pace”, the consequences will be catastrophic. If we start now – sports programs in schools, classes of young guards and scouts, etc., then, realistically, such a project should be “raised” around 2035-2040. year – it would also give NBS time to provide technical support.

PS Knowing that no one likes the truth, I can already foresee what kind of dung will be thrown in my direction, so I will answer the expected question right away – no, for me personally, compulsory military service is not relevant – I am too old and have already served my time. But this does not mean that I want to give my son, currently four years old, to be “raised” in the mess that I myself saw from the inside. Everything must be done with the mind, but in a hurry, nothing sensible happens,” writes Rihards.

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