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This is October and that just means news of the legendary horror franchise from Universal Pictures. We are talking about Halloween Kills, the continuation of Halloween, where the unstoppable murderer, Michael Myers, brings us a fierce film full of shocking deaths in the purest style of the saga of the eighties. However, a user has started a campaign to remove a scene that is apparently bawdy.

User starts collecting signatures to remove a scene from Halloween Kills

The user who started this whole topic, is Jesse Streeter, who has opened a petition for requesting to Universal, to remove a scene from Halloween Kills And while the main theme of the film is the murders, Streeter ensures that one of the scenes that can be seen in the trailer, is excessively violent even by today’s standards.

The scene in question shows us how a group of firefighters are killed by Michael Myers brutally. The user adds that the scene is a lack of respect towards firefighters in general, since the characters who are attacked by Myers, They are firefighters who are close to graduation and feel strong enough to face any adversity.

Then we will leave you with the trailer, but from now on, we warn you that it is extremely violent:

At the moment, the request of Jesse Streeter It does not seem that it is going anywhere, since it has barely collected about 100 signatures out of a scarce 200 and unfortunately, since Rotten Tomatoes, they have praised the film with good reviews. So overall, it is being well received by viewers.

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