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MEXICO (ESPN Digital) – Cruz Azul was not the machine that devastates its rivals. The coal was finished when the Steel Giant was reached and Pedro Caixinha's supplies were not sufficient to strengthen the leader of the tournament. The heavenly ones did not give credit to such uncertainty. In the absence of 90 minutes to decide the finalist, the ghosts of the past take over on a hobby of ridicule and a team that can not fail. Rayados is nowhere to reach the big game (1-0).

César Ramos just whistled, Dorlan went to the back line. The "Cata" prevented him from concentrating in the first instance; however, the rebound was left in Pabón, which only saw Pizarro in the area. Without thinking, the attacker hits the head and defeats Corona. Monterrey took the lead on the board.

Elías Hernández tried, warmly, to bring his team closer, but before any approach Barovero proved solid to combine a team effort.

The ideas of the Portuguese helmsman were not enough for his students to put them into practice. The cementists could not do without a band that seemed united and made it clear that their best time is in the Liguilla.

In the second period Cruz Azul tried to get ahead. He took possession of the ball even if he did not have the strength shown in the regular phase or against Queretaro in the quarterfinals. Elías and Marcone have disappeared from the field thanks to the good game played by Monterrey in midfield.

The fumaroles peered through the chimneys of the concrete locomotive, but the intense cold of the Sultana del Norte dispelled any attempt at warming. There was no more time. The final whistle ended up showing the despair of the celestines for the null chance of goal.

In the end, Diego Alonso won the match against Pedro Caixinha. The Uruguayan helmsman approach was superior to that of the Portuguese. Those of the Sultana del Norte, close to knowing what they want to go through, have given a show of humility that puts them one step away from the final. Despite the small support of its people, the band gave their joy.

Cruz Azul must be another at Ettadio Azteca. At home and with his people he will have to go out and find the game and the result that brings them back to a final Liga MX. The car lives, although it has to start the engine to march until the last game of the tournament.



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