An upset Martyna Wojciechowska appeals for EQUALITY: “If you are honored, YOU CAN KILL YOURSELF”

About loud the detention of activist Margot is spoken not only in Poland, but also around the world. The West watches with horror what is happening in the country on the Vistula River. Recall that the cup of bitterness was poured out on Friday evening, when the police pacified peacefully demonstrating LGBT activists who opposed the arrest of Margot (arrested for two months in the case of the destruction of the Pro Life Foundation’s van, homophobic slogans).

More and more public figures take the floor on the situation of the LGBT community in Poland, thus appealing for the equality of every human being. On Saturday, he was tempted to make an eloquent comment from the Male Playing scene Dawid PodsiadÅ‚o, ironically referring to words Kinga Duda from her father’s election night.

Martyna Wojciechowska about two billion zlotys on TVP: “It probably does not require a comment”

After the confrontation between the police and activists, she also sided with the demonstrators Martyna Wojciechowska. The traveler then published a photo of one of the arrested women pressed to the ground by a police officer on Instagram, comparing this moment to a tragic death George Floyd. The post aroused considerable emotions among Wojciechowska’s observers, which is why the traveler published another post, again appealing for equality, freedom and tolerance of every human being, regardless of faith, skin color or sexual orientation.

I am reading your comments under yesterday’s post. And I am sad. After all, what is happening in Poland now is not a matter of ONE DAY, one situation. EVERY FORM OF HUMAN EXCLUSION LEADS TO AGGRESSION AND HATE. Each of us has a share of what is happening now – she started to compare the current situation of the LGBT community in Poland to racial segregation or other shameful moments in world history, which are discussed with a sense of shame in the next part of the post:


It used to be unthinkable that Native Americans or African Americans would be treated like white people. Today, racial segregation seems to us an embarrassing relic of the past. Once, Hitler managed to convince people that the Others weren’t human. Today, Germany is ashamed of it. Once upon a time, women’s rights did not exist (apart from the right to cook and raise children). Today, if someone thinks that, it’s probably a shame, right?

Finally, Wojciechowska also strongly argues that now is the time to speak out about the rights of LGBT people, for which the unequal struggle has been going on for so long:

During the recent events that took place in Warsaw, things were happening that should never have happened in a democratic country of law. “Was the demonstration peaceful?” – you ask. And I will ask: “what must happen for a group of people with peaceful intentions to stop being pacifist?”. “Did you see what this girl was doing in the video a moment earlier?” – others write. life someone tells you how to live, that you are useless, because you are different, because you feel sexual attraction to someone other than the majority think you should / should you How long can you stand it? Fight with your nature? are you fed up? even I have! You can or kill yourself (which, unfortunately, more and more young homosexuals are doing!), either make you depressed or say ENOUGH – he roars.

Can her appeal really change the approach of the ruling authorities to the problem of homophobia in Poland?


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