An Xbox Game Pass game receives a 10 before its launch on the service

Immortality es el Sam Barlow’s new gameknown for his work on Silent Hill, which will arrive on Xbox Game Pass in the coming days. This new game that will come to the Microsoft subscription service has received a 10 by EDGE magazine. This is the only review that there is so far and raises the expectation of this title that stands out for its narrative. It is a game with real actors in which decision-making will take us through different paths throughout history.

Xbox Game Pass It is being a service in which this type of narrative games have great support and is a great showcase for developers. Immortality starts with a terrifying premise that promises to give us more than one good scare starting on August 30. The story is centered on the character of Marissa Marcel and his mysterious disappearance.

An Xbox Game Pass game receives a perfect grade before launch

Sam Barlow seems to have hit the premise of Immortality, if it is a game that you did not have on your radar for the next few months, we recommend you write it down on your list of pending games. For our part, it only remains to wait for this Xbox Game Pass game arrives and see what Immortality has to offer us.

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