Ana Guerra reveals the moment she was about to leave OT 2017

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Ana Guerra is promoting Discount time, his new song. The interpreter has visited the podcast Animals Humansan interview in which he revealed the moment he was about to leave OT 2017.

“I had a super annoying gala, which was when they nominate me with Roi. I said ‘nominate me with anyone’ and we said it out loud several times, I think it was a mistake. He said ‘nominate me with anyone, except Roi because Roi is my brother’. Next gala, Ana and Roi nominated. We had a horrible week“he recalled.

“At that gala, Roi left. We had a new scoring system, each jury gave us a score from one to 10. I had a person on the jury who I am not going to name, the people who have seen him know who he is, but I prefer to keep him for my what he gave me a pretty low grade, he gave me a six and said I had no vocal ability. She made it clear that I didn’t have the level of my colleagues“, he said, referring to the guest judge Julia Gomez Cora.

“I think that He had very little empathy with me, with what was happening, with the fact of being locked up, not knowing anything about what is happening outside, and you also think that one person’s opinion is the opinion of everyone else, that she was simply saying what everyone else thought. So for me it was very hard and I think it was a mistake, it was a failure of human empathy. Not because she didn’t have the right to say what she thought of her, that if I’m a six for her, great, but I think that I could have said it much more tactfully. and empathy, much more humanity,” he lamented. “After experiencing that, Roi had left at that gala, they had even given me my identity card and I said ‘Fuck you, I’m not coming in here‘” he added.

Guerra also told how he met Victor Elias, his current partner. “We met because I changed bands and we needed a musical director. “So we did a blind listen and we all chose the same one,” he said.

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