Ana María Picchio’s anguish at the power outage in the heat of the heat wave: “I’m drowning”

The heat wave that is hitting the City and the province of Buenos Aires, caused a peak in energy consumption on Tuesday that led to a blackout that left thousands of users without power supply. One of those affected was Ana María Woodpecker, The actress was very affected and made a desperate request that went viral on social networks.

Anguished, the actress sent a voice message to a WhatsApp group she has with friends where He expressed how hard it was for him to get through the day due to high temperatures and lack of power. “I have everything low, it is very likely that I commit suicide”, launched the actress with black humor in the audio that was published by Julieta Ortega to your personal Instagram account. And in a text, which he sent below, he added: “They cut my power, I’m drowning”.

The desperate request of Ana María Picchio

Faced with her friend’s desperate request for help, Julieta Ortega did not stay without doing anything. The daughter of Palito Ortega Y Evangelina salazar He was enjoying the pool at his parents’ house and decided to invite the 75-year-old actress.

“And he came to the North Zone to tell movie plots, but with distance and chinstrap”The actress wrote next to a video in which Picchio was seen in mesh in the Ortega garden.

Like Picchio, the TN journalist Roxy Vázquez She was also distressed by the power outage. The driver launched a strong message on social networks, since it transits the last days of its pregnancy.

“Thank you Ednor! Pregnant, days to give birth, and since 9 am without electricity. Badly decomposed “the presenter of the 6 to 10 newscast on Twitter wrote on Twitter. Last august, Roxy told at the end of her show that she was expecting her second baby. “Today I have a special pen, and they are all surprised because nobody knew anything. I’m going to be a mom again!”, he expressed at that time and looking at the camera, while putting his hands to his belly.

The TN journalist lashed out on Twitter for the power outagesTwitter

In total, there were 700,000 people, residents in the north and west of the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA), which they ran out of electricity past noon this Tuesday.

Service interruption It happened at 1:20 p.m. and affected the Buenos Aires neighborhoods of Belgrano, Núñez, Palermo, Recoleta, Colegiales, Villa Urquiza, Villa Pueyrredón, Agronomía, Versalles, Villa Santa Rita, Villa del Parque, and the municipalities of Vicente López, Tigre, Pilar, Tres de Febrero, Lomas de Zamora, San Martin, General Rodríguez and Morón.

According indicated the Edenor company, whose users were the most affected, the service was interrupted after the electricity demand exceeded 27,000 MW, when the thermometer marked 38°C in this area of ​​Buenos Aires. The incident occurred when the 220 kV transmission line that connects the Morón and Malaver substations fell, which first affected the districts of San Martín and Tres de Febrero and the Buenos Aires neighborhoods of Agronomía, Villa Pueyrredón and Villa Urquiza. The disconnection of this line later affected the thermal power plant Central Puerto (the 760 MW combined cycle), which went out of service to protect against lack of demand.

Fortunately, the service was reestablished in a phased manner during the afternoon and evening of the same Tuesday.

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