Análisis Call of Duty: Vanguard

The Second World War is back and this time we are the vanguard. Call of Duty: Vanguard review! Let’s talk about the bad and the good.

I know it took a while, but I finally bring the Call of Duty: Vanguard review in its version for PlayStation 4. New video game of one of the most successful franchises worldwide and that every year the game player leaves us. This time with Call of Duty: Vanguard we return to World War II and with a team of allies we will have to undo the plans of the fucking nazis.

A very decaf story mode

The story mode of this Call of Duty: Vanguard will not take long to complete. The problem is that it is long because it is boring. From the fourth chapter on, the level of the story drops considerably and what could be a great story with the Second World War in the background is tiring at the end.

We have several allies from different countries who will try to thwart the plans of the Nazi army. But in an attempt to lengthen the story, Activision has decided that it is good to go through each of the main characters. So that? Well, so that we empathize with them and try to get into their head.

Polina is likely the only character we connect a bit with because of her past. But his story won’t blow our minds either.

I already tell you that it does not succeed because later in the story it does not matter to you exactly that they shoot one of them. It’s more, ATTENTION SPOILER, there is a moment when a Nazi interrogates them and, arguing in the cell, shoots one of the protas in the head. So little sympathy is created towards the protagonists that I was like: Who was he shot?. END OF SPOILER.

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The story mode of this Call of Duty: Vanguard could have been better. Much better and they have not succeeded. A real shame because because of this we only have the zombie mode and the multiplayer.

Multiplayer, there is the cool

After the campaign mode, we have the zombies mode and the multiplayer. The zombies mode is appreciated that it is from minute one, although it is not a game mode that I am excited about. There are many Call of Duty players who play it, enjoy it, and want nothing else.

What drives me crazy, and that is largely to blame for Modern Warfare, is the online mode. Here we see that we have everything one wants plus new game modes. New maps everywhere and adjustments. Many adjustments.

Análisis Call of Duty Vanguard
One of the evils of online is still some classes and weapons. The development team adjusts the weapons every “x” time, but there are some that are broken to more power. Also, according to the “experts”, it costs a lot to level up.

Although there are people who love, because this is an FPS and they will be present yes or yes, it is not as exaggerated as in previous installments, in which when you saw a scenario you already knew that it would be full of snipers. This is not the case here. Maybe it is my thing or is it because I am still at the level that I am, I have also removed the cross game because the PC people are another level, but I notice that everything is more “compensated”, removing some weapons that are somewhat broken.

Also, now there are no antipersonnel mines that caused so many headaches in other versions of Call of Duty and caused so many complaints. Be careful, it seemed to me the sea of ​​cool that they existed.

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In short, despite having a fairly regular campaign pulling badly, I find the Call of Duty: Vanguard multiplayer very funny and entertaining. In addition, these days they have added the Shipment scenario that seems to me one of the biggest crazy things that exists in Call of Duty.

It is a map that I have always liked and that comes in handy to level up the different weapons that we have available. Although as a colleague says: «Shipment reaches a point that physically exhausts you».

Análisis Call of Duty Vanguard

Sound, language, subtitles

Call of Duty: Vanguard voices are available in Spanish. But one thing I miss is that more work is done on the dubbing. I explain. We are in a group of soldiers that each one is from a country. Okay, everyone will be communicating in English, but it would be cool if the Spanish dubbing tried to imitate the accent that Russians, Italians, Germans and other characters have in Spanish.

To all this, even if the video game is in our language, it is advisable to always put the subtitles. There are times that whatever the sound of the voices is, it hits a considerable downturn. At other times, as there is so much shooting, explosion and noise, we will not hear what our colleagues say and it will be necessary to read the subtitles. Problem of this? That when we read we get confused and a grenade smashes us to pieces.

Conclusion – Call of Duty: Vanguard Analysis

Call of Duty: Vanguard is a game that remains half. While multiplayer has seemed like the most fun I’ve played in a while, the story mode will fade from our memory as soon as it is completed. It’s incredible how from the fourth chapter on, the story plummets in interest.

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And it is a very good idea. We have several protas fighting together and we review their past. But the development studio can’t get us to connect with any of them and we don’t care what happens to them in the adventure. If you’re really going to catch Call of Duty: Vanguard for the story, it’s best to save the money. Its strength is online and all the FREE content that it will offer throughout the year until the next game is released.

Análisis Call of Duty Vanguard

Analysis of Call of Duty: Vanguard for PlayStation 4


The multiplayer mode is very addictive.

Zombie mode from minute one.

Accessible to almost everyone (Controller, keyboard and mouse option, color blind …)


Boring story mode.

Although some weapons are adjusted day by day, they are still broken online.

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