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Analysis eFootball PES 2021 Season Update, an extension to the next generation (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Throughout 2020 we have seen and read all kinds of rumors about the future of the PES saga and its delivery this year until last July Konami itself announced the launch of eFootball PES 2021 Season Update, a delivery that is based on eFootball PES 2020 to add the new templates and modify the different leagues retaining the playable features and game modes from last year’s installment.

The motive behind this continuity delivery is none other than the efforts of Konami are focusing on eFootball PES 2022, the first game of the saga for PS5 and Xbox Series X that will arrive next year and that will mean a new beginning for the saga, with a deep facelift that begins with the graphics engine itself, jumping to the Unreal Engine of Epic Games .

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With these data on the table, in Vandal we have already been able to play eFootball PES 2021 Season Update and, during the following lines, we are going to talk to you about everything that has seemed like a game that serves as an extension within this generation of consoles awaiting the arrival of next year’s installment.

PES 2020 with hardly any playable changes

eFootball PES 2021 Season Update is a version with updated templates of PES 2020 with hardly any playable changes on the pitch. Yes some things have been modified (we will talk about them now) but they are fairly slight changes that will go unnoticed by most players and that will only be perceived by fans with more hours of play in each delivery of PES.

The most significant changes that we have noticed are some AI tweaks in difficulty Legend that presses less and lets us play a little more, balancing the game and allowing us to enjoy more interesting matches than in PES 2020. Related to the AI ​​it also seems that the referees this year are more correct with their decisions, which will certainly be liked by many of you.

The changes within the field of play are very slight and hardly noticeable for the greater
The changes within the field of play are very slight and hardly noticeable for most of the players.

Furthermore, we have also noticed how less bizarre plays occur when a loose ball is left in the area, although our players will continue to be stunned at times when a ball passes near them and, on the negative side, we have also noticed how goalkeepers catch fewer balls, scoring too many goals after a bad rejection of the goalkeeper who is not able to clear the ball well and ends up inside the goalkeeper.

They are slight changes that generally improve the gaming experience, yes, but you should not expect a great revolution and these are some typical tweaks that Konami usually integrates into the current updates of each edition. We are, therefore, to try FIFA 21, before the best football simulator on the field in terms of gameplay but the changes compared to the previous version are very slight, too.

Same trend in game modes

Outside the field of play we did not find too many changes in eFootball PES 2021 ms all de some very small graphic tweaks like a new logo, some different mens backgrounds and new songs for this installment. This also affects the game modes offline, which are exactly the same than last year with no playable mods.

In the Master League the only notable change is that this time we will be able to select Guardiola, Lampard or Giggs as technical director (in addition to last year’s) with the rest being exactly the same. The same happens with Being a Legend or the different Leagues or Cups present in the game in addition to Euro 2020 fully licensed which remains in PES 2021 because it will finally be played next summer.

The game modes also do not suffer changes and are very left behind.
The game modes do not suffer changes either and are far behind what should be an experience in a sports game in the middle of 2020.

Going online servers are still working as good as last year and MyClub is still the same mode, although some adjustments in the economy to make it easier to get myClub Coins to sign new players for our team. Those, the players who go through the box and buy a special edition based on a club like Juventus or Barcelona they will have a notable advantage during the first days or weeks of play.

The one of the licenses and without updating competitions and templates until October

Another important section of the annual deliveries of eFootball PES are the licenses. As many of you know, PES does not have all the licenses of the official teams (s of all the players, eye) and every year there is a dance in which different teams come and go. This year, for example, PES 2021 loses the licenses of Inter Milan and AC Milan that they were present in PES 2020.

To compensate for this the PES community relies on Option Files (OF), patches or mods from the community thanks to which we can have, from launch day, all licensed teams, with Konami itself supporting their work modders providing them with pre-release installments of the game so they can create this content for the community to use. This year we find the same situation, with these OFs released from day one to license PES 2021 teams unofficially though, the point is, If these patches have the blessing of Konami why is not the community going to resort to an Option File to update PES 2020 in a year with little change?

Also, although eFootball PES 2021 it’s already on sale some of the major leagues aren’t even up to date, with the Santander League of Spain or Serie A with current kits but templates and composition of the competitions with the data of the Past Season. These two leagues, for example, will be updated with a patch scheduled for October 22, a questionable and criticizable decision in a game in which there are hardly any changes.

'PES 2021' is worth it if you don't have 'PES 2020', being able to enjoy a whole playable delight at a reduced price.
‘PES 2021’ is worth it if you don’t have ‘PES 2020’, being able to enjoy a whole playable delight at a reduced price.


The question, beyond all the above, is, worth eFootball PES 2021? A question that does not have a single answer. For us, If you play PES 2020 and you are happy with the game, the answer is clear: no. PES 2021 There are hardly any changes, and therefore we believe that for players who have the previous installment it is not worth the jump.

But and for those who do not have PES 2020? So the answer is sas we find a game to reduced price with a exquisite playability that, in the absence of trying FIFA 21, we still find it the best football game on the field in this generation of consoles, offering us realistic and unmatched sensations that get us fully into the King of Sports.

We have done this analysis with a code for PS4 provided by Konami.



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