Analysis of UnMetal for PC

Do you want Metal Gear? Well, UnMetal is not exactly that, but it is a funny parody that also has its own virtues as a video game. It is an action adventure with stealth in 2D that will delight the most nostalgic (and also lovers of the work of Hideo Kojima). Find out in our review.

It was easy to intuit that UnMetal it was going to be a video game, to say the least, interesting. Parody Metal Gear At a time when the Konami saga seems to be missing, it has become a complete success. But the best news of all is that the creation of Francisco Téllez de Meneses It is not only a cry of nostalgia, or a mere nod to the work of Hideo Kojima, but also a fun and well finished video game.

For me it was a surprise, and I would even say that the game is one notch above Unepic when it comes to quality and inspiration. All in an independent creation that surprises by the extraordinary tribute that performs stealth action from Solid Snake. Here we have from the sequences of the mythical codec, to the challenging encounters with the final bosses. But of course, everything from a much more casual and comical perspective, with a kind of character (Jesse Fox, wink) who does not stop making jokes as he makes his way through the stages.

And I have to say that it is not a short game at all. It will take several afternoons to spend it, with an increasing level of difficulty that there will be moments when it will make you lose your life irremediably. It has a lot of action, both punching and shooting, but also pay attention to the puzzles (of a light nature), which add a lot of variety to the proposal. So if you want a retro spirit game reminiscent of saga Metal Gear And it is also so entertaining, the recommendation could not be more obvious. However, let me explain everything to you.

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The comic version of Metal Gear

UnMetal puts us in the role of Jesse Fox, a seasoned soldier who has been arrested for a crime he did not commit, and locked up in a secret enemy base. What is behind all this? A network that you must discover while escaping from the place making use of the elements that you find at your fingertips. You shall surprise your enemies from behind, knock them out and even carry them on their backs to hide them from the vision of their teammates. You can also create lures by tossing coins and even shooting if things get ugly.

These are very basic infiltration dynamics, but they work. There’s even an animation of leaning against the walls, ideal for surprising guard soldiers as they turn a corner. Additionally, we have a somersault action to avoid enemy bullets. They are very limited actions, usually very basic, but enough to generate a playable flow full of funny situations. This is one of the great achievements of the video game: making simplicity a virtue.

These are very basic infiltration dynamics, but they workHowever, this does not mean that everything ends here. A metal gives off a certain aura the graphic adventure from the 90s, and we owe this to inventory. Fox can be made with a lot of equipment and make combinations of elements (some in the purest style Lucas Arts). You’ll get Chloroform to KO enemies or a hacked walkie-talkie to keep in touch with key characters. For this reason, the conscientious exploration of the stage sometimes becomes the undisputed protagonist of the journey, but always from the humorous plane that distills the work, and it is that to find any item before we will have to punch the furniture (it is the logic “or you hit or they hit you “).

Continuing with the purely playable, especially interesting are the final confrontations, because it pulls quite a bit of ingenuity. In one situation, you will have to face a helicopter that tries to bury you under huge containers, but there will also be more hilarious moments, such as taking out a boss by repeatedly throwing a globe at him. You cannot imagine what awaits you, and discovering each new boss ends up becoming another of the great attractions of the video game.

UnMetal PC

Of course, there is much more. You will meet nods to games and movies capable of making you laugh out loud, as well as elements that break the fourth wall. And it is that the game is narrated in the past by the protagonist, with moments in which our participation is requested to remember how many enemies there were in a certain scene, or how the security of a certain room was configured. Of course, the game will not hesitate to troll you on more than one occasion, exposing your innocence as a user. I cannot deny that I have loved these kinds of details.

That’s why I say that UnMetal is a very inspired game, because it is not limited to making tributes or winks. It goes the extra mile to create a two-dimensional adventure where the only thing I think is a little bit below the rest is progression. Our character levels up with enemy takedowns using stealth (this is fine), but those upgrades do not translate into improvements that are too worthwhile. In addition, there are missing elements that make us feel more powerful. Beyond the weapons that we find, such as a flamethrower or a rocket launcher, there is not much to brag about in this section.


However, we must bear in mind that we are dealing with a work with an indie spirit, designed by a single person, and that has a lot of merit. What I would highlight the most is how careful your pixel-art and how it takes you to another era but without being anachronistic. The pixels and sprites are accompanied by careful animations and good explosion effects. There is a lot of dedication also in the sound section, with melodies that try to emulate Metal Gear Solid (in every way) and a Dubbing to Spanish that has excellent voices, although with a somewhat fair recording quality.

If you grew up with Metal Gear or have a fondness for the series, UnMetal is not going to disappoint you.After all, it is a production of scarce resources, although it comes to surprise how so little has been able to get so much. You can try it through its demo (you’ll find on Steam) or directly go after him if his proposal convinces you. I sincerely believe that if you grew up with Metal Gear or have a fondness for the Konami saga, then UnMetal is not going to disappoint you. It is one of those productions that are born without the intention of assuming a shock, or something never seen … but that is enjoyed, and it is highly commendable that it exists as an entertainment proposal.

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