Anang asks for accelerated implementation of royalty rules

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Issuance of rules Royalty Play Song Government Regulation No. 56/2021 began to generate a number of responses, one of which was a senior musician, Anang Hermansyah.

He positively welcomed the regulation, and called PP No. 56/2021 concerning Management of Song and / or Music Copyright Royalties as a breath of fresh air for the domestic music industry.

“PP No. 56/2021 brings a breath of fresh air to the music ecosystem in Indonesia. We positively welcome the government’s commitment,” said Anang, Tuesday (6/4) through a statement received.

Furthermore, he said that this rule should increase royalty revenue for music actors as song and music copyright holders.

“Logically, royalty revenues will increase sharply,” said Anang.

The vocalist of the band Kidnap Katrina said that in order to achieve the ideal point of these ideals, it requires the existence of a song data center.

“This Song Data Center is none other than Big Data which has an important position because of this data outputthe issue of royalty has become more transparent, accountable and the music ecosystem is healthier, “said Anang.

To immediately implement the rules, Anang said that the establishment of the Song Data Center and Song and / or Music Information System (SILM) must be accelerated.

“I think a maximum of one year can be formed Song Data Center and SILM.,” Added the man who had served as a member of the DPR.

The government has just signed Government Regulation No. 56/2021 on the Management of Royalties for Song and / or Music Copyright on March 30. There are written rules for the use of music and / or songs commercially.

“Everyone can make commercial use of songs and / or music in the form of commercial public services by paying royalties to creators, copyright holders and / or related rights owners through LMKN” written in Article 3 paragraph 1.

The commercial use of music or songs referred to in this paragraph includes:

a. Commercial seminars and conferences
b. Restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars, bistros, nightclubs, and discos
c. Music concert
d. Aircraft, buses, trains, and ships
e. Exhibition and bazaar
f. Cinema
g. Telephone waiting tone
h. Banks and offices
i. Shops
j. recreation centre
k. Television broadcaster
l. Radio broadcasting board
m. Hotels, hotel rooms, and hotel facilities
n. Karaoke business

Anang said that local governments also have an important role to play in accelerating the implementation of the PP. Local governments can also control business licenses in each region.


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