Anastasia Biefang: Transsexual commander in the Mindshift podcast


Bonn Anastasia Biefang made it up the Bundeswehr. She is an army officer – but not just anybody, but the first transsexual battalion commander. Her place of employment is in Storkow southeast of Berlin.

Responsible is Biefang, born in 1974, for a total of 700 soldiers from the Information Technology Battalion 381. Put simply, this is the Bundeswehr telecom department and ensures, for example, that emails can be sent, data can be securely exchanged and telephone calls made.

For a long time, the Bundeswehr was considered a heterosexual men's federation. Until 2001, homosexuality and transsexuality were even an obstacle to becoming a time or professional soldier. Also since 2001, all careers in the armed forces are also open to women.

Anastasia Biefang talks in the new episode of Handelsblatt Mindshift on how Marc, born in Krefeld and raised in a small NRW village, became Lieutenant-Colonel Anastasia. She tells how her supervisor reacted when she told him that she would like to be addressed as a woman in the future.

"He was visibly overwhelmed or surprised or run over. But the key thing I remember is that he just said, 'I do not know where the trip is going, but we can do it,' "recalls Biefang.

Anastasia Biefang

Responsible for a total of 700 soldiers from the Information Technology Battalion 381.

(Photo: Bundeswehr)

At that time, she did not have an alternative career plan: "I never thought about a Plan B. What is realistic about Plan B? There is no one! Plan B would have to say, I decide against my identity and that is not feasible. That was not an option for me. "

She decided to go back to sex two years ago. She consciously goes public since her outing in 2015 – in the meantime there is even a movie about her life. "I'm just honest and I do not hide and I do not deny or miss anything. My marriage is also part of my life and my wife belongs to my marriage, "says Biefang confidently.

She adds: "If we want to continue fighting against transphobia, then we also have to be visible and put our heads out. I've decided to do that. "

What made you decide to shoot? "I am Anastasia" engage? How much mockery and ridicule does Anastasia Biefang have to endure in Internet forums and in social networks? You will hear the answer in the new podcast episode.

Anastasia is also regularly on assignment abroad in Afghanistan – a state in which same-sex sex can be sentenced to death. How openly Biefang deals with her story there, she tells in conversation.

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