Ancona, panic and flee escape to the disco during the concert of Sfera Ebbasta: dead 5 minors and a woman – Il Fatto Quotidiano


Crushed by the throng is dead inside a club while they were waiting for the concert Sphere Ebbasta. Five minors, three girls and two boys aged between 14 and 16, and the mother of one of them aged 39 died in the disco Blue lantern of Corinaldo, in the locality Madonna of the Plan. They were overwhelmed by the crowd during the panic that was unleashed inside the room probably after the spread of stinging spray or ammonia. One hundred i wounded, which were distributed among the hospitals of Turrets to Ancona (the most serious), Senigallia is Jesi. Twelve of them are in serious condition. The place was very crowded and for the concert of the trapper – the first Italian artist to have entered the top 100 of iTunes – students from five schools had arrived. Despite all the investigations are in progress to clarify the dynamics of the accident, it seems that the place was overcrowded beyond the allowed limits. "I am afraid there were no 871s required by law", said the Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini to SkyTg24, explaining that the capacity established by law of the room was less than 900 people.

The victims are two 14-year-old girls from Senigallia, a boy of 16 of Ancona, a boy and a girl of 15 years of Fano, and a thirty-nine of Senigallia. According to what we learn from investigative sources, at the moment there are 12 red codes, 45 green codes and 9 yellow codes. It seems that panic was the collapse of a balustrade outside the room, but the dynamics of the accident is yet to be ascertained. In the morning there will be a meeting with the police forces engaged in the disgrace of the nightclub of Corinaldo, where six people died in the crush on leaving one dance club. This was announced by the prefect of Ancona Antonio D'Acunto. The prefect is following the story from last night, as soon as the fact happened.

From the first information it seems that to trigger the panic and the subsequent flee was the use, by someone, of stinging spray. They would be at least a hundred – according to sources of 118 – of which a dozen serious, i boys injured. In the disco, according to reports from the witnesses Fire fighters, there were a thousand people. Both victims, both the wounded, according to what is learned, would have reported injuries and crushing traumas. The fact happened around one o'clock in the morning. "We have seen gods bodies lying on the ground – said a woman arrived at the hospital of Turrets of Ancona to assist the 14-year-old daughter who was injured during the crush – covered by white sheets and a man who wandered like a man sleepwalker… He kept repeating "my daughter is dead …".

"You can not die like that at fifteen, a thought and a prayer for the six dead tonight in the Marche – said Salvini – and a hope for the thirteen serious injured still in hospital. It is a commitment: to find those responsible for these six broken lives, who for malice, stupidity or greed has turned a party night into a tragedy. Today at 11 am in Piazza del Popolo a minute of silence to remember these guys ".


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