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The general escapee unleashed by stinging gas sprayed by someone in the crowd. Among the injured, 7 are serious and life threatening. The pm: "Sold 1,400 tickets for a room with a capacity of 870 people"

Five kids between the ages of 14 and 16 and a mother who accompanied her daughter are dead overwhelmed by the crowd during a flight you flee to a room in the Anconetano, the "Lanterna azzurra" disco of Corinaldo, in the locality of Madonna del Piano. To trigger panic during the concert by rapper Sfera Ebbasta it would have been the use of stinging spray. Among the injured 7 were hospitalized in red code in intensive care at the hospital in Ancona.

The victims – The victims are Asia Nasoni, 14 year old from Senigallia; Daniele Pongetti, 16 year old from Senigallia; Benedetta Vitali, 15 year old from Fano; Matttia Orlandi, 15 years old from Frontone; Emma Fabini, 14 year old from Senigallia; Eleonora Girolimini, 39 year-old from Senigallia, a mother of four children, including the 11-year-old who had accompanied her to the event and who was saved. The wounded were transported to the hospitals of Torrette in Ancona (the most serious), Senigallia and Jesi. The investigators are examining different elements: both in terms of the dynamics of the tragedy, which recalls that of Piazza San Carlo in Turin (even in that case the panic was triggered by a stinging spray), both in relation to the hypothesis and in the structure were more people of the allowed. In addition, a testimony on the failure of an emergency exit is being verified.

Among the injured seven life threatening – Among the injured (about 60 people), seven arrived at the Ancona hospital in red code. These are two girls and five boys between 14 and 20 years old, all hospitalized for head or thoracic trauma and brought to intensive care. The doctors have made it known that they are "to be considered life threatening but in stable conditions". Then there is a girl in yellow code still in clinical evaluation, three girls and a boy between 14 and 23 years in code, with trauma of the arts. 15 people arrived at the hospital in Ancona, a sixteenth was taken to Senigallia. Among the code verti, all but one were discharged.

Deaths in discotheque in the Ancona, the victims: five boys and a 40 year old

The story of a witness – A 16-year-old, wounded, has indeed told that in the room, where there was a thousand people, "we were dancing waiting for the show of Sfera Ebbasta, when we felt a sour smell: we ran to one of the exits of emergency but we found it barred, the bouncers told us to come back … ". The boy was transported, along with his girlfriend of the same age, to the hospital in Torrette di Ancona: his story is confused, but the young man is sure that the emergency exit was closed.

The crowd at the exit of security door – Precisely for this reason the crowd would have vented to another exit security, the one that gives a bridge that, after passing through a small moat, connects the local to the parking lot. According to the reconstruction of the investigators, the tragedy occurred at that point: when the boys ran out of the room, dozens of them crowded to pass on the bridge until a balustrade gave way. The first boys were so fallen into the ditch, a meter under the bridge, and were crushed by the weight of those who followed them.

The place was seized, and during the night the Carabinieri listened to six of the security officers who were present in the nightclub at the time of the tragedy.

Panic in the disco, 6 dead in the crush

It investigates spray and overcrowding – The investigation is moving on two fronts, with different hypotheses of crime, according to what we learn from judicial circles. On the one hand, it is investigating who sprayed the pepper spray, on the other on overcrowding and on the security measures of the room. The offending crimes are, in the case of the person who used the spray (it seems to be a girl), that of death as a consequence of another crime or manslaughter, in the second strand, which concerns the managers of the disco, that of manslaughter.

The pm: "Sold 1,400 tickets, capacity 870 people" – The head prosecutor of the Republic of Ancona Moncia Garulli, after a visit to the disco, said that "the tickets sold are about 1,400 compared to a capacity of 870. With her were the police chief, the provincial commander of the Carabinieri Cristian Carrozza and the juvenile prosecutor Giovanna Lebboroni.

The commissioner: "Still no suspect" – The head of Ancona, Oreste Capocasa, has clarified that "at the moment there are no suspects, we are still feeling people.The guys who were inside the disco are very experienced and being able to understand well what happened in these moments is not so simple". And also compliance with safety regulations "is under investigation by firefighters, carabinieri and police". What is certain, he reiterated, is that "after the use of pepper spray, the young people rushed to the emergency exits and immediately after having crossed one, on the right, the two iron railings did not hold up because they were rusty, there was a fall of some young people and the others ended up ".

In Corinaldo, the place of the tragedy, the city was declared a mourning as a sign of closeness to the families affected. Senigallia, city of residence of several victims, also mourns. "We gather around the families of the victims and we share the great sorrow: as a sign of mourning for a drama that has profoundly affected the entire local community we have decided to cancel all the initiatives planned for today and to extinguish all the Christmas illuminations", announced Mayor Maurizio Mangialardi.

Mattia's father: "Only these things happen in Italy" – Those words of anger and sorrow are those of Giuseppe Orlandi, the father of Mattia, the 15 year old from Frontone who died in the crush. "Only in Italy these things happen – he said – if it is true that this is a nightclub that holds 800 people at most.The life is over for me and my wife.They went with the shuttle, it was the second time he went there. My son will not give it back to me ".

The tragedy during a party of high schools – According to what was told by the inhabitants of the place, the evening, then culminated in tragedy, would have been a party of the five high schools of Senigallia. Among the young people of the area in recent days there was a kind of tam tam, on social networks and through word of mouth, to publicize the event. Also for this reason many went to the concert of Sfera Ebbasta.



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