Entertainment And the Oscar for best actress in quarantine goes...

And the Oscar for best actress in quarantine goes to … Drew Barrymore!

The actress puts a lot of wave to the isolation season. And what happens at home, remains on social networks where we follow and admire her. This is how the ex-ET girl turned into an adorable woman entertains (and entertains others).
What started out as fun at first got more complicated. Entertaining his two daughters is his greatest challenge. Photo: IG

“I think it’s about appreciate every day and everything we have, as we go through and this and adjust to this new ‘normal’, commented Drew Barrymore.

The actress spends her days isolation at home, with his two daughters, Olive (8) and Frankie (6). She assured that “she tries to be happy at all times”, although she was seen to falter when dealing with homeschooling: “I don’t know if there are good or bad days. I think there are good and bad hours. I have cried every day, ”confessed Barrymore.

How to cope with staying home.

Educate the boys at home in this quarantine became a challenge for Drew, who never went to a mainstream school:

“This is the most disastrous moment I have ever had in my life, be the teacher, the mother. The one who disciplines them, the one who takes care of them …“The actress confessed to a child care specialist.

But, while the boredom can with them, it is seen that mother and daughters they have a great time.

Beauty against coronavirus

Among your posts, Drew Barrymore showed how beauty brands (including hers) came together in “Beauty United” a campaign to raise funds for medical personnel who fight against coronavirus.

This is the quarantine at Drew Barrymore’s house

Drew Barrymore conducts its business through videconferencias and from the living room of your house.

You can see that the actress likes decorate your mansion in your own way: full of flowers (of all kinds, including many orchids in every corner) and corners with wallpaper with prints and pictures – lots of pictures! – everywhere.

Make the days go by in the best possible way. Photo: IG
The actress has framed family photos (and those from her own book) on the walls.

Celebrity challenges

Because Drew likes to entertain and entertain, the actress was also part of the multiple challenges that were exchanged between famous in this days. Scenes of all kinds were seen in their mansions.

Part of Stella McCartney’s challenge: jump down the stairs. Photo: IG

Jump -slide- down the ladder was part of the very rare challenge he tried to make viral Stella McCartney. Drew fulfilled it (with effort) and passed the post to his friend, Jimmy Fallon.

When beauty meets housework: it’s time to wash the dishes. Photo: IG

In this quarantine, Drew also had time for beauty tricks at home: took advantage of housework (such as washing the dishes, her daughters bathtub and vacuuming the house) and use that time to moisturize her skin, with cosmetic gloves in your hands.

In the bathroom, your own stand up

At bedtime, his strand up begins! In the privacy of your bathroom, the actress tried everything: from making beauty product testing, even talking about how life goes quarantined and coronavirus through.

This is the quarantine at Drew Barrymore’s house

In an expensively washed T-shirt, there Drew usually wears his favorite accessories: a pendant! Playboy! shaped like a key and a watch with double dive time.

We already gossip almost all drew’s private bathroom– with beauty products everywhere! You can tell that the actress is anything but orderly.

“Does it all seem trivial to everyone these days? I can not sleep, I’m confused, stressed, nervous and watching the news until late …“Commented the actress. How to continue? “One foot in front of the other”one step at a time says Drew.

“I’m going to continue making videos, we’re going to be at home for a while longer …”.

May interest you

Beauty tips

You can also see how he chose to decorate it: with family photos -the Barrymore are one of the Hollywood’s most legendary families– hanging on the walls. In addition to the occasional photo released by the pothole.

This is the quarantine at Drew Barrymore’s house

Their beauty tips they are full of humor. In a bored moment, the actress even made a tutorial on how to keep the hairs on the nose at bay!

Y, recording these things in the privacy of your home has those things. Every detail can be seen at Drew’s house! Until its extensive first aid kit. Nothing to hide for Drew Barrymore in his crazy quarantine.

“I think this is all going to be fine.”said the actress.

“This situation made me appreciate the little things. Today I appreciate my life, I appreciate every day that I have. It put me in a place where I live in the present, I am aware and extremely humble of the gift of having every day … ”

The actress tried to complete her thoughts, she could not do it: her daughters claimed her.

Another Hollywood-style quarantine: We all want to be Camila Morrone and pass the quarantine with Leo DiCaprio (and in Hollywood mode)


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