And "unusual warm episode" this week will leave record temperatures of up to 30 degrees

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An “unusual warm episode” for the season will leave maximum temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees this week in large areas of Spain and between the period of November 11 to 15, known as the “Summer of Saint Martin”will lead to record records, since at least 1950.

The most striking thing about the next few days will be the very high temperatures for the time of year and which coincide with the so-called “Saint Martin’s summer”, an abnormally warm period in the middle of autumn, around November 11, when said festival is celebrated. , explained Rubén del Campo, spokesperson for the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet).

In this fall, “more than a classic autumn summer, it is an unusual warm episode for the time of year” and that during the next few days it will favor maximum and minimum values ​​between “5 and 10 degrees above normal”, in many parts of the peninsula, especially in the north and east, Del Campo has clarified.

At this point Del Campo has stressed that “all days” between the 11th and until the next 15th could be the warmest for those same dates in peninsular Spain since there are records, that is, at least since 1950. .

In the absence of verification, he has predicted that “we could be facing the summer of San Martín warmest in the historical series”.

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