Andalusia was the CCAA that contributed the most votes to the PP, above Madrid, Valencia and Galicia

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Andalusia was the autonomous community that contributed the most votes to the PP last Sunday, above Madrid (which led in 2019), the Valencian Community and Galicia.

In total, Feijóo obtained 1,588,179 votes in the region, in the absence of counting the foreign vote. A balance that gave him 25 deputies, 10 more than in the previous general elections of 2019, and a clear victory over the PSOE.

The community with the next most votes popular is Madrid, with 1,443,881. Traditional barn of votes for the PP, on this occasion the region has been in second place within the harvest popular. In third place is the Valencian Community (918,415) and Galicia in fourth (699,513).

This means that Andalusia Juanma Moreno it has contributed 19.6% of the total votes of the PP and 23.3% of the new votes achieved by the party. It is almost one in five votes achieved by Feijóo.

The PP won in all the provinces except Seville, where the PSOE was intractable. Even so, it remained three points behind (36.6% socialist vs. 33.8% popular), when in 2019 the difference had been almost 20 points.

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