Andika Unloads Proposals to Prabowo regarding the Purchase of TNI Alutsista

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Commander of the Indonesian National Armed Forces, General TNI Andika Perkasa visited TNI AL Headquarters and TNI AU Headquarters at the TNI Headquarters Complex, Cilangkap, East Jakarta, Monday (22/11/2021). After his visit at TNI AL Headquarters, Andika spoke to reporters about the main tools of the TNI’s weapon system (alutsista) in the future.

“So for me, as a user, we propose to the defense minister (Minister of Defense Lieutenant General (Ret.) Prabowo Subianto) the purchase of a realistic defense system, according to the budget we have,” he said.

However, the selection of defense equipment is getting more and more efficient. Because technology is constantly evolving.

“For example, for example, yes, for example for the TNI AD defense equipment, the Navy’s defense equipment system, it’s the same. Everything has progressed so that even though the defense equipment is the same, the capabilities are the same. double, triple, maybe even able to handle some defense equipment,” said Andika.

“So for me with what we have we can definitely buy more effective ones, cost effective his name, cost effective at the price with the cost that we have that is the maximum we can get from the money, the nominal value,” he continued.

Furthermore, Andika said that national defense and security are not solely determined by defense equipment.

“But there are other variables that will also help to strengthen our national security in the future,” said Andika.

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