André Kuipers, the astronaut who called 911 from space


A few days ago there was an unprecedented event, namely the Dutch astronaut André Kuipers, by mistake, he made a call to 911, the US emergency service number, all while in orbit on Earth.

It was on the radio program "Met Het Oog Op Morgen", from a station in the Netherlands, that André described part of his experience in missions and communications with the land and other astronauts.

Kuipers explained that on some occasions he tried to establish communication with the Johnson Space Center NASA in Houston, although that time he forgot the number and mistakenly called the US emergency services.

And is that, according to this astronaut, communicate to the center of Houston by dialing the number 9, followed by 011, but accidentally and because in space it is more complicated to perform any task, forget to dial the 0.

"I made a mistake and the next day I received an emailDid you call 911? ", André told the pilots.

Kuipers, now 60, has completed two space missions in which he spent 203 days in orbit, observing that sometimes the astronauts can communicate to the Earth, he also revealed that when he is in space he calls one of his friends to greet them, though it's not easy at all.

"Sometimes people cut themselves off because they thought they had not said anything, so after I started talking as soon as I made up the last number," he told the radio, explaining that there are some obstacles such as the delay generated between listening and the return of the voice.



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