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Andrea Berg: “It was a moment that showed me that nothing blows me away so quickly”

Corona thwarts Andrea Berg’s plans

BUNTE.de: As a hit queen, you are used to traveling a lot. How does it feel for you to be at home for so long now?

Andrea Berg: Of course, I miss everyday things like personal contact – be it during my concerts or at our hotel. Everyone knows that I am always very close to my fans, like to go out in the audience and hug people. When I look at the pictures of our mega show in the Wiener Stadthalle, which ZDF broadcasts on Saturday at 8:15 p.m., it really hurts. Or take the album release of “MOSAIK” a year ago. Back then I was on a Fantour tour across Germany, people queued for an autograph or photo for hours. I really miss this direct contact. As it is currently not possible in the times of Corona, I will simply sign our new album “MOSAIK Live” as a thank you to my fans if I wish at home – this will be a virtual autograph session. You can see the result on May 8th at 6 p.m. on my Facebook page.

The corona crisis also hits the music industry hard. Are you worried about the future?

Because of the corona pandemic, we too had to post nine concerts as part of our “MOSAIK-Live” arena tour, plus our traditional home game in Aspach, which would have taken place for the 15th time in July. But postponed is not canceled, our joint “MOSAIC” trip continues. I am therefore delighted to be celebrating life with my fans again in 2021 – more consciously, more intensely, more gratefully!

On Saturday, the ZDF shows the show “Andrea Berg – Life is a mosaic” with your show in the Wiener Stadthalle, including a home visit by Giovanni Zarrella. Are you particularly close?

Giovanni is a very good friend and a thoroughly warm and lovable colleague. And he makes music with the heart – that connects us both. I’m really looking forward to our show together.

© ZDF / Anelia Janeva

Andrea Berg: “Health is the most precious good”

Which moment in your long career do you particularly like to remember?

I don’t think there is THE special moment. Rather, it’s moments like those when concertgoers thank me after the performance for letting me dance, laugh and cry. Or tell me how much support, comfort and confidence you have found in my music. That touches me again and again, you couldn’t ask for more beautiful compliments as a singer.

What would you do differently today?

We all know the situation that life puts you before an exam. Of course, you also have to make a mistake in order to get out of such a situation stronger and to grow with it. That’s the nice message of my album “MOSAIK”: If there are stumbling blocks on our way, let’s turn them into diamonds!

In 2016 you suffered a stage accident. Did this incident make you more careful?

It was a moment that showed me that nothing blows me away so quickly. Back then I was so full of adrenaline that I continued the show as normal. I’m not afraid today, we still have pyrotechnics in our shows. Up to this accident I always said: Yes, I believe … in this or that. Since my burn injury, I have known that I am under the protection of a divine protective bell. The corona pandemic is clearly showing us all again: Health is the most precious commodity.

Andrea Berg lends a hand to the costumes

They like to show themselves on stage in eye-catching outfits, colorful and sexy. How important is the outside to you?

I like to wear chic outfits. When Katia Convents showed me her designs for the current tour for the first time, I just thought: Wow – that’s exactly what I wanted! For the band’s costumes I once again picked up scissors myself, sewed and glued countless colorful stones. This is great fun for me because I can switch off easily and learn the show processes at the same time. It fills me when I can take the visitors on stage to my dreams for one evening. There is a lot of parties there but also these quiet moments when I sit on the edge of the stage and only sing with the fans accompanied by a ukulele or the accordion. When the hall lights go out completely and visitors conjure up a starry sky with their cell phone lights. For me, these are magical concert experiences.

Facebook, Instagram & Co. are not always friendly. How do you deal with negative reactions from fans and critics?

Quiet now. For example, in the past I would have taken it much to heart if someone criticized my music or my outfits. I don’t want to get upset anymore, time is too precious for that. We feel that again in a special way in these challenging times with Corona.

“Completely normal life”

Are there moments when your attention to yourself becomes too much?

It is important to me that besides music I have my normal life as a landlady, animal keeper, housewife, mother and wife. Without this content of life, the energy for my great passion would be music for almost 28 years now, so I don’t think I would have been there.

There are always comparisons with Helene Fischer. Do you see yourself competing with her?

Helene and I have an excellent relationship. I really appreciate her as a person and an artist and I am always happy when we meet again.

A real eye-catcher: In the video below we show you one of Andrea Berg’s hottest stage outfits.

Metallic bustier & lace-up boots: This outfit is pretty hot!
Metallic bustier & lace-up boots: This outfit is pretty hot!

© ddp images / Revierfoto, imago images / osnapix; BUNTE.de


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