Andrea Legarreta is leaving “Today”? Show off photos of your new job

Andrea Legarreta and her daughters shared a project in Colombia. Photo: Cuartoscuro

After so many years on television, Andrea Legarreta raised suspicions that I could leave the program “Today”. The driver shared some photos with which showed off his new job.

The wife of Erik Rubín, that recently He remembered that he had a funny look in his youth because he “combed his hair like a vase”, published some images in which it is seen in some recording studios in Colombia.

Andrea Legarreta leaves “Hoy” for a new job?

Andrea Legarreta is one of the most appreciated stars of the morning show that he shares with Galilea Montijo and Raúl Araiza. The driver, who Like other celebrities, she has spoken openly about her cosmetic surgeries, sparked speculation about the possibility that it will abandon the broadcast for a new project in Colombia.

Following the suspicions of his possible departure from “Today”, Andrea said that actually traveled to Bogotá as part of a tender project that she shares with her daughters Mia and Nina Rubín, and her husband Erik. The driver and her family they lent their voice for the dubbing of the new film, “Spirit, the indomitable”, which will be released this year. This is the reason for his photos from some recording studios.

In other photos she shared on Instagram, Legarreta posed on a Bogotá street and in one more postcard of the memory she is accompanied by her daughters while they enjoy a delicious coffee.

“When working is a pleasure, it is not work”

Andrea Legarreta

Apparently the trip he made Andrea Legarreta It was express, because in his publications he wrote the comment “I’m going, I’m coming.”

As well as Galilea and Raúl Araiza, Andrea has a long history in “Hoy”. She has become one of the most beloved conductors of Mexican TV and for this reason she has managed to remain despite the changes that the program has had and the passage of several producers.

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