Andrea Legarreta suffers an accident with her dress during the program

During the broadcast of this Thursday, December 2 of the program Today, Andrea Legarreta starred in a embarrassing moment, by being exhibited in the worst way by all her peers.

The moment occurred while they regularly presented the content they would offer during the program.

In a moment Galilea Montijo He asked Andrea Legarreta if everything was alright with his outfit, so immediately the teasing To her.

In accordance with the Guadalajara, his partner arrived late and with him dress upside down, so he no longer had time to accommodate it and that is how it came out in the first minutes of transmission.

In her defense Andrea Legarreta commented that the previous night she had gone to the theater to accompany her daughter Nina Rubín, so he fell asleep late and arrived a few minutes later than usual for the program.

The driver pointed out that the rush overcame her and she dressed quickly without noticing that she was wearing her dress inside out. To check if this was true, Raul Araiza He asked him to show the label that he actually had on the front.

Check here the moment.

Andrea Legarreta supports Galilea Montijo after crying over attacks

Through his Instagram account Andrea Legarreta decided to show him his support unconditionally to Galilea Montijo, her partner in the ‘Hoy’ program, after she impacted her social networks for not stopping crying by ensuring that she was tired of the attacks against her and that she separated from her friend Gómez Mont.

The driver posted a photograph in which she assured that is for her.

“Hey pretty: I love you !! Here I am for you #Siempre @galileamontijo “, wrote Andrea Legarreta.

He also shared another message in which he prayed about the strength to move forward.

“Be strong. No matter what you are going through now, no sorrow is forever, your situation will improve. Cry if you have to cry, but then have courage and get up, dry your tears and move on: never stop ”, said the image shared by Andrea Legarreta.



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