Andrea Politti recounted between tears the conversation she had with one of Elsa Serrano’s daughters

The host of “Corte y Confección, Andrea Politti shared many moments with Elsa Serrano, especially from her participation as a jury in the program, until the designer was forced to stay at home due to compulsory social isolation.

Visibly moved, Andrea spoke in “Los Angeles de la Mañana” and shared anecdotes and the conversation she had with one of her daughters after her death. She sadly maintained that: “It shouldn’t have happened, but it happened …”.

Elsa Serrano (Instagram)

“It was, first, a huge, tremendous shock … The first thought is this cannot be, this is not happening, it must be someone else.” A terrible despair. It’s a tragedy. Elsa was a super vital person, who was in perfect condition. We are also talking in a pandemic context, where she had to be at home, she was taking care of herself a lot. Meeting her was one of the beautiful things that happened to me“Said the driver.

Andre Politti in Dressmaking (Instagram / @ polittiandrea)

“I met a loving, tender person, he sent messages to everyone. We stayed talking in the hall when the program ended, we told each other intimacies. For example, this morning my heart broke, because I did not have her call, the little message”Andrea said through tears.

“He was interested in you, he asked how you are, really. She He spoke to you from his heart, from his soul, very tender. She told me that when she couldn’t go out for a walk, her terrace was very big and she took a little sun, that she would come so that the body is well. And afterwards, since I could no longer endure this pandemic, it is difficult for me… ”.

Elsa Serrano (Instagram)

“These are things that happen, unfortunately. It shouldn’t have happened, but it happened, “reflected Politti. he spoke a lot about his family, his daughters. I communicated with Belén, who is the one who was closest to her when she was in dressmaking. Also, her sister came, all obviously before the pandemic because afterwards she could not come to the program anymore and it was very sad for her, because she had returned the desire to do things. It’s like she felt good, well treated ”, recalled Politti.

Andre Politti in Dressmaking (Instagram / @ polittiandrea)

“And speaking with the daughter, what she feels is that what happened was very unfair, as are all tragedies. One, the truth, is that you cannot hold anyone responsible in these cases. These are things that happen, unfortunately. It shouldn’t have happened but it happened”.

The designer Elsa Serrano died tragically in a fire that broke out in her apartment, located in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Retiro. (Archive)

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