Andrea Rincón spoke of her new life marked by faith and spirituality: “I pray every morning and night”

Happy for have put a stop to their addictionsbut aware that lifelong care will need to be paid, Andrea Rincon revealed that took refuge in faith and spirituality to resignify its present.

Every day I keep saying ‘just for today’. I always think I handle it, I have my tools, but sometimes you are stronger and sometimes weaker. I know people who were clean for 30 years, their father died, they beat them and they died. So, you understand that no one is exempt. I’m always on the alert and realize that addiction sometimes mutates and maybe I’m going for the chocolate, “he said in dialogue with The nation.

He then revealed that since he met a person dedicated to the faith his life took a loving 180 degree turn.

“For three years, since I met Pastor Emanuel, on Sundays I go to church. He does amazing things. After that I go to have lunch with my grandmother and my uncle because they live nearby and from there I go home. It did me good to get closer to God. God saved my life and I understood that if I had picked up the Bible before, maybe not everything that happened would happen to me, “he added.

Before closing, the actress said that practice and enhance your spirituality every day. “When I started to read the Bible, I realised that it’s like the instruction manual of how to live. To be calm and not have to anesthetize yourself We have to pray. I do it every night and every morning. I believe in Jesus Christ, in the Holy Spirit, in God, and it does me good ”, he closed.

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