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Andrey Malakhov named his salary on Channel One

The conductor of "Russia 1" Andrei Malakhov in an interview with Ksenia Sobchak said that on "Channel One" he received about $ 50 thousand a month. In the program, which was published on Youtube channel Sobchak, Malakhov said that, according to him, only Vladimir Pozner and Ivan Urgant received more.

According to Malakhov, he now receives a similar salary in Russia 1, where he conducts his talk show.

At the same time, the presenter said he was not at all interested in how much a minute of advertising cost in his program. "I saw an article on the BBC about how" Channel One "earned on advertising when I was" Let them talk. "There were 1.2 billion dollars, for me it was like an electric shock. lots of money? "asked Malakhov.

Since 1992, Andrey Malakhov has worked on Channel One, where he hosted the Five Evening, Let They Talk, Good Morning, Big Laundry and Tonight programs.

In 2017, Malakhov moved to work on the "Russia 1" channel, where he directed the "Live" program, and then started working on the show "Hello, Andrey!" At the same time.



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