Andrés Calamaro anticipates his vote for Milei and sees Spain on the way to a "communist progressive dictatorship" what could "burst it"

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The Argentine musician Andrés Calamaro anticipated his vote for the ultra-liberal populist Javier Milei in the presidential elections of your country, while predicting a dark future for Spain, a country that “could burst.”

“Just a few months ago, Spain succumbed to a campaign of fear that is plunging the Kingdom into a kind of progressive communist dictatorship that could burst a country that until now boasts an exquisite quality of life“said Calamaro, 62, in a story he uploaded to his profile on the social network Instagram.

“We can choose between something other than more shots in the feet until there is nothing left. I don’t have all the hairs of the donkey, but I am intelligent and experienced, it is almost impossible for me to be wrong with these questions because I was exquisitely educated among social gatherings and intellectuals, people from all over the political spectrum in the sixties and seventies, in tolerance and without television,” adds the musician, who alternates his residence between Buenos Aires and Madrid.

While defining the upcoming inauguration of Pedro Sánchez as President of the Government and the amnesty that was agreed with Junts per Catalonia To achieve this, Calamaro focuses on another issue that arouses passions, the runoff between Milei and the Peronist Sergio Massa next November 19 in Argentina.

“Of course it is better for me not to say anything. I can be cynical and a liar. It is impossible for a dictatorship to return for several reasons (…). Earning the applause of progressive Instagram makes me ashamed of how easy it is, too simple and stupid” adds Calamaro in reference to the majority support of the world of Argentine culture for the Peronist Massa as a brake on a Milei that, in his opinion, would endanger the democracy recovered 40 years ago.

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