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Mobile phones are becoming more all-rounders. With the SkanApp Android app currently available for free, the smartphone becomes a document scanner. Does the expensive Android app for 20.99 euros cost anything?

Instead of 20.99 euros today for free: the app for Android makes smartphones a document scanner

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Free Android app: free SkanApp document scanner instead of 20.99 euros

Update from 12.01.2019, 08:10 clock: The app for Android SkanApp is now reduced from 20.99 euros to 0.00 euros. Those who are still interested should not hesitate.

Original article:

Smartphones now have excellent cameras that can not be used just for photos. The app for Android SkanApp uses the camera on the back as a document scanner. Photos taken in the app are automatically converted to PDF documents and even sent to the cloud as needed. From there, the scanned documents can be viewed with other devices.

The app for Android SkanApp relies on a special task to get the best results. Place the smartphone in a holder above the documents, pull the required buttons to a specific location, mark the text to be photographed and use a motion control to photograph the documents without touching the smartphone. In the following video this is clearly demonstrated:

Anyone who has searched for an app for Android like this can now hit. "The scanner for SkanApp documents" usually costs 20.99 euros, according to Google Play Store, but the next 6 days are offered for free download.

Scanners for SkanApp documents

Note: Anyone who protects the SkanApp Android app for free, deposits them in the Google Account and can also download the Android app for free after the campaign has expired.

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SkanApp Document Scanner: what's good for the app for Android?

The reviews are very divided in the Google Play Store. Some praise the app and the idea behind it, others are not entirely clear with the operation. The developer also clearly points out that it is necessary to read the app instructions for Android necessarily to be able to properly use the SkanApp document scanner. Overall, the app was downloaded over 100,000 times and received only 4 stars as an average rating due to the complicated and non-intuitive operation. If you want to scan your documents with your smartphone, you will probably have to tinker. The idea in itself sounds good at least.


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