Android applications can be updated directly in the use process

Google is introducing the new API into the Android mobile operating system, which will allow users to continue working with the application while downloading the application update in the background.

The introduction of the new in-app update API was announced as part of the annual Android Dev Summit event. The API offers developers several new features regarding the installation of updates. First of all, it's a full-screen mode that blocks the use of application in the download and installation process of the update. This mode is recommended for important updates that must be installed immediately, for example, critical security fixes, error fixes, etc.

Secondly, Google offers an option called "flexible update". When this feature is activated, users will be able to continue working with the application when downloading the update. In addition, developers will be able to flexibly customize the update process. As a result, for users, it may simply appear to be part of an application.

So far, the new in-app update API is available to developers of Android applications who are members of the early access program. Google does not specify yet when the API will become publicly available.

Added to Android Dev Summit Support for flexible displays has also been announced.

Source: Engadget

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