Android users report that in-app advertising installs unsolicited weather app – IT Pro – News

Just adaway…., you have to root but it’s worth it,
Even youtube is ad free, no more pauses while watching or skip 2-3 adds you don’t know before watching,
free2play games are also just advertising free,

or just a pi-hole, I know that too, not that I know anything about that,

what people can also do is vpn ,
activate private internet access and mace,
costs money, but then you also get rid of all the advertising,

You need what to protect your own tog?

We already have so little privacy, we followed words with our phones, at home via our isp, even on the road, and in your car, I really don’t understand that the Netherlands does nothing about this privacy legislation,

Everything you do is stored in a database, even your energy consumption, and if you have a slime house, it is also stored where you use the most energy, in which room…

It’s just unbelievable with all this spying,

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