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Glad it’s finally out, I’ve been using the preview for a long time (which has just been ported to nightly). Now I can use the usual again. The new is much faster.

Of the addons, everything I need is already included in the 9 addons Except for my password manager, but that’s okay because Android has a different form of integration that works fine.

The only thing that still bother me incredibly is that Firefox is still not doing a ‘pull to refresh’. And you can not put the refresh button in the title bar so that it becomes a 1-tap action. You absolutely have to go to the hamburger menu and then tap it again. Very annoying :( Oh well this will never be solved, I did mention it on their forum but they didn’t want to be too much like Chrome :'(

I like to keep the tabs with the most important sites open, but when I go to Tweakers and etc. in the morning, there is always the old info, and I have to refresh them one by one on that convoluted way. That is why it is so very annoying. If you could just refresh in 1 movement like in chrome, or set them to auto-refresh after X time, nothing was wrong.

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