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In recent years, WhatsApp has become the most used instant messaging application in Android. Now with your latest updates, its functionality and accessibility is more user-friendly. However, the biggest fear is knowing that they are spying on us through that app.

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In the event that you have suspicions of this, it is easy to identify and solve it if we want to. To do this, we bring you some recommendations that will allow you to know if someone is really spying on you.


Within the world of applications, security is one of the most important factors to take into account. In the case of WhatsApp even more due to the content that we may have in our conversations.

Check if you don’t have spyware on your smartphone.

Although it is not very easy for them to hack or spy on you through that app, there are some possibilities open to them. In case you want to identify if they are doing it, there are a few options to follow.

The first thing we can try is to see all the devices connected to our account. To do this, we have to open the app from our Android and press the three buttons in the upper right. Then, go to the option “Linked devices” and review the active sessions.

Once we have determined that there are none out of the ordinary, we can resort to another option. In this case, we have to make sure that there is no spyware. For that we have to check our mobile data consumption or battery use to see if there are any extra apps on our phone.



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