Andy Murray says he fights for his dogs because of hip pain

Andy Murray revealed the true extent of his hip problem after his first defeat at the Australian Open round – trusting that it is so serious that he can not walk with his dogs.

The former British number one was denied the most unlikely victory against the 22nd seed Roberto Bautista-Agut after recovering from two set-downs, before succumbing 6-4, 6-4, 6-7 (5), 6 -7 (4), 6-2.

Murray spoke in court and suggested to the crowd not to have seen the last of him, insisting that he "will do everything" in an attempt to recover some sort of physical form.

Andy Murray revealed that the pain in his hip prevents him from doing his daily activities

The Scotsman said actions like walking with his dogs are out of the question, like discomfort

There were moments during the grueling encounter where the fans were treated to catch a glimpse of old Murray, bypassing the camp, saving points that really seemed to have been lost.

However, the fifth set turned out to be a bridge to the far by the Dunblane star, and after the Melbourne Arena's adrenaline ran out, he encountered the reality of the difficult choice he faces.

"I basically have two options. One is to take the next four and a half months, then build to play Wimbledon, "he said.

"Tonight was not comfortable in terms of my hip. In the end, I'm really struggling. I can not walk properly for now.

"I could play another game, but if I want to try playing again, I want to improve my quality of life, because even if I take four months, I still can not walk.

"I'm still suffering from doing basic everyday things, but having such an operation, there's absolutely no guarantee I'd be able to play again, I'm fully aware of that, it's a really big operation. There are no guarantees that you can come back from that.

Murray made a glimpse of the star of the past, while he fought two sets on Monday

However, at the end the evening ended with disappointment as he lost the thriller to five sets

"Right now, going to walk my dogs, play soccer with my friends, is the worst thing I can think of doing.

"I hate him because he's so painful and uncomfortable, waiting another five or six months to do something like that is just another time when I'm really uncomfortable."

Despite the inconvenience, Murray was still able to put on a display that had the crowds standing for big parts of the competition.

Murray told the crowd that he will do "everything" in an attempt to return to play again

It was a return to tense marathons that the thirty-one used to put on his supporters, and he admits that if it's the end, it's a good way to go out.

"If today was my last game, it was a brilliant way to finish," he said. he added. "It's something that I will probably take into consideration too.

"It was an amazing atmosphere, I literally gave everything I had on the pitch, I fought in the best possible way, and I played a lot better than what I should have done without the amount I could train and train.

"I'd be okay with what's my last game."

The thirty-one admitted that it would be fine if the defeat had been his last appearance on the field

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