Andy Peelman gets out of ‘De Buurtpolitie’: “During going out…


Andy Peelman can be seen in the fourteenth season of The Neighborhood Police, but then he steps out of the series that started his TV career. “Despite my other programs, I’m still that guy from The Neighborhood Police”, he says in All Day. The actor notices this especially when going out.

Eline Debie

Tuesday 7 December 2021 at 08:30

Since the start of Real Stories: The Neighborhood Police in 2014 Andy Peelman plays the role of inspector Koen Baetens. Peelman does not yet want to reveal how his character from the series is written. The actor does explain why he is leaving. His role in The Neighborhood Police is still difficult to combine with his presenting work, he says. “I’ve played for seven years and I’m extremely grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given this way, but it’s time to walk other paths.”

Peelman would like to get rid of the stamp that the series gave him. Despite the fact that he has since started programs like They say that on Andy On Patrol to his credit, people continue to associate him with his first acting job. “This is especially noticeable when going out. When people have had a few drinks, I get to hear quite a bit about the series and my role… I’m tired of that. And that while on my other programs I get almost exclusively positive reactions. For me, nightlife is kind of a benchmark. People are less inhibited to say their thoughts.”

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