Andy Rivera left Colombia! Jhonny Rivera counted

Andy Rivera has positioned himself in recent years as one of the revelation artists of the urban genre in Colombia and Latin America, one of his most successful musical singles is undoubtedly “Monumento”, a song with the Puerto Rican Ñejo, a song that already has more than 47 million views on YouTube.

However, the artist revealed that since November 2021 he was diagnosed with depression, so he had to get away from music and the networks for a while in order to treat this disease that affects millions of people around the world.

For this reason, the artist had been absent on occasions during 2022, however, a few days ago he had returned to networks with several publications in which he expressed that he was already better and could finally say that he was in search of his true happiness.

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But in the last few hours, the artist surprised his more than 5.7 million followers on Instagram by sharing the news that he was leaving Colombia.

Andy Rivera leaves for Australia

The urban artist shared in his Instagram stories a particular image in which a montage of his face appeared on top of a Kangaroo, the photo was accompanied by a message that said today I am going to Australia.

Without further details, the photo left many of his followers with the doubt if this trip was something permanent, momentary or temporary, however, the artist has not yet spoken.

But a few minutes later, her father, the renowned popular music artist Johnny Rivera He shared a video on his Instagram account where he said goodbye to the reggaeton player.

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Jhonny Rivera was sad to fire Andy

Jhonny shared on his official Instagram account where he has more than three million followers a video in his stories where he said goodbye to his son Andy, well In the video, the artist expresses that he had to travel early to reach his farm to say goodbye to his son.

My son is leaving for Australia, I managed to say goodbye, as soon as I entered and he left, as he is going to miss me.

The artist was emphatic in expressing that his son was going to miss him a lot, because it is no secret to anyone that Jhonny and Andy have a dream father-son relationship, where they seem more like best friends than anything else, that’s why, the artist by his words would be confirming that his son’s trip is for a long time.

jhonny sad because Andy is leaving

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