Ángel Víctor Torres, the former Canarian president, an expert in crisis management, who was tried to be involved in the ‘Mediator case’

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To the new Minister of Territorial Policy and Democratic Memory He is no stranger to crisis management. As president of the Canary Islands between 2019 and 2023, Angel Victor Torres (Arucas, 1966) had to face the Covid pandemic, which in the first wave hit the archipelago with special virulence, and later La Palma volcanoto which is added his control of an autonomous government based on a four-party system that led without external stridency.

In the last stretch of his mandate, the intermediary who gives his name to the Mediator case tried to involve him in the alleged scheme of granting public aid to businessmen on the islands in exchange for bites. Even so, the socialist leader, who always maintained his innocence, was once again the candidate with the most votes in the regional elections last May.

However, an agreement between the second and third forces with more support, Canarian Coalition (CC) y PP, returned the presidency of the archipelago to Fernando Clavijowho, in turn, Torres had replaced in 2019. In the previous mandate, the now new member of the Council of Ministers had been its first vice president and responsible for Public Works, Infrastructure and Sports in the bicolor Government that the nationalist formation maintained in that legislature with the PSOE.

He new head of Territorial Policy He thus returns to the national sphere after his time in the Congress of Deputies between 2009 and 2011, replacing Juan Fernando López Aguilar after its inclusion in the lists for the European elections. Now he will be responsible for a portfolio that another of his countrymen already held in the legislature, Carolina Dariasbefore being appointed Minister of Health.

Graduate in Hispanic Philology from the University of La Laguna, Torres served as High School teacher in several institutes on the islands until he was elected in 1999 councilor of the Arucas City Council and mayor four years later. In the 2007 municipal elections he once again headed the list with the most votes, but a pact between other political forces relegated him to the opposition.

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